Daniele Nardello

Daniele Nardello (* 2. August 1973 in Varese/Italy) is an Italian wheel running driver.

Nardello began its professional career 1994 at the team Mapei. Into that altogether eight years at this team it could obtain considerable successes. After its change to the team Telekom (now team T-mobile) he could not tie 2003 because of several fall-conditioned injuries first to its earlier successes. Only toward season end it succeeded to it again to come when important running on the podium. 2004 it participated in the route de France , who it as an aid of January Ullrich and Andreas Klöden on that 48. Place terminated.

The wheel running driver and anti- Doping fighter Filippo Simeoni accused Nardello of, him during the 18. Stage of the route de France 2004 to have insulted sharply and Lance Armstrong in a private feud against Simeoni to have supported [1]. Nardello has on this occasion besides said “Simeoni spits into the soup, which we all spoons “. Nardello knows these accusations back: he said Simeoni only, this is to undertake no more peeling off attempts, since Armstrong does not bear this [2].

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