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base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Rhine Pfalz circle
convention community: THEN city shower home
geographical situation: 49° 26 ' n. B.
8° 19 ' o. L.
Height: 96-101 m and. NN
surface: 15.25 km ²
inhabitants: 7.116 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 467 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip codes: 67125 (old: 6701)
Preselection: 06231
Kfz characteristics: RP (to 30. August 2005: LU)
Municipality key: 07 3 38 006
city arrangement: 2 local parts
of the VG administration:
At the town hall square 1
67125 THEN city shower home
E-Mail address:
mayor (VG): Günter Beckstein (SPD)
local council:
(Choice to 13. June 2004)
CDU 57.9% (+7,7) - 13 seats (+1)
SPD 33.8% (- 7.2) - 7 seats (- 2)
FDP 8.3% (+3,9) - 2 seats (+2)
other 0.0% (- 4.5) - 0 seats (- 1)
Verbandsgemeinde Dannstadt-Schauernheim
convention community THEN city shower home

THEN city shower home is a double municipality and at the same time a seat of the convention community of the same name in the Rhine Pfalz circle in Rhineland-Palatinate. It lies southwest from Ludwigshafen in the vorderpfälzischen Rhine level.

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newer administrative reforms

the convention community THEN city shower home resulted 1972 from the pool of the up to then independent local municipalities THEN city shower home, high village eating home and Rödersheim Gronau.

These three local municipalities had been formed for their part 1969 from the six before independent municipalities (THEN city, shower home, high village, eating home, Rödersheim and Alsheim Gronau).

history of THEN city

THEN city became in 7./8. Century of Franconias based and for the first time 767 in a document of the monastery white castle as „Dendestat “, in the following year in the Lor Codex as „Dandestat “mentions.

As a member of the Frankish master duchy and the German king country THEN city remained later realm-directly in the Landvogtei Speyer, until this 1331 by emperors Ludwig the Bavarian to the Pfalzgrafen Rudolf II. and Ruprecht I. one pawned. Until 1797, when it came to the connection at France, remained THEN city in kurpfälzischem possession.

After the end to the French rule THEN city belonged starting from 1816 to the office for district Speyer in „the Bavarian Rhine circle “, which was renamed later in „Rheinpfalz “, starting from 1886 then to the again created office for district Ludwigshafen. This office for district remained existing up to the education of the country Rhineland-Palatinate 1946, afterwards from it the district Ludwigshafen came out, the today's Rhine Pfalz circle.

history of shower home

shower home is a Frankish establishment 6./7. Century and became in the Lor Codex in 8 for the first time. Century in the form „Scurheim “mentions. The today's name developed over the forms „Schurheim “and „Schuwerheim “and is first in the year 1649 occupied.

1281 came shower home by donation into the possession of the Dominikanerinnenklosters Lambrecht, which was dissolved 1551, whereby shower home became the kurpfälzischen possession. In this year shower home was assigned to the University of Heidelberg as Pfründe, which remained to 1791 local lady.

1792 was occupied the linksrheinischen countries by the Frenchmen and attached 1797 to France. The history of shower home after the departure of the Frenchmen corresponds the Dannstadts, with which it was finally combined 1969.

inhabitant development

THEN city

first data to the total population of THEN city gives it from the second half 16. Century. From there to the beginning 18. Century remained constant the number with at the most 200 to 250 inhabitants. During 18. Century rose it by resettlement after the Pfälzi succession war and increase in the population to conditions of 550 in the year 1790 . The Zuwanderung due to abolition of the feudalen connections in the year 1797 caused a duplication until 1840 on approximately 1,000 inhabitants. Until 1880 the number rose only moderately to 1.200; the local borders were not expanded in this time. Afterwards population rise began. Also due to the building of the secondary line distance THEN city Ludwigshafen, the place spread northward and counted themselves 1940 about 2,000 humans. After the Second World War in the north and the west wide development areas were put on, the total population rose from 2.600 inhabitants in the year 1960 on 4.568 in the year 1988.

shower home

also in shower home set only in 18. Century a rise of the population numbers, as in THEN city by the Zuwanderung after 1797, which let rise the number of inhabitants of 340 in the year 1810 to 526 in the year 1848. The highest population conditions in 19. Century was reached 1870 with 580 humans. Up to the First World War the place did not become larger any longer. In the 1920er/1930er years and also after the Second World War primarily dwellings for workers and employees in Ludwigshafen and Mannheim were put on; for this in the north and the west development areas were opened. 1960 amounted to the total population of 958 inhabitants, 1988 were it 2.219.

culture and objects of interest


THEN city shower home dedicate themselves - over its association for local history and culture and in co-operation with the circle people's highschool - intensively dialect to the care of the Pfälzer and organize since 1988 annually in May the dialect competition “Dannstadter height”, whose final round in the local part THEN city is delivered. Sections are Mundartlyrik, - prosa and szenische representation.

authorities as seat

of the convention community THEN city shower home


administration accommodates economics and infrastructure [work on].

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