Danny Williams (Boxer)

Danny Williams
[[picture: |200px]]
birth name Danny Williams
weight class heavyweight
nationality British
birthday 13. July 1973
place of birth London
day of death
death place
style link rushing situation
of size 1.87 m
combat statistics
of fights of 39
victories 35
KO of victories 28
defeats 4
no valuation

Danny Williams (* 13. July 1973 in London, United Kingdom), combat name “Brixton bomber”, is a British professional Schwergewichtsboxer. Williams coach is Jimmy McDonnell, its manager/Promoter is franc Warren.

Williams was British master and Commonwealth master in the heavyweight and won WBO inter+ continentally the title. In addition Williams boxed around the European championship and the WBC Weltmeistertitel.

Williams began its Profikarrere 1995. Its first admitted, but not necessarily hochklassigen opponent (balance at that time 19-7) Julius Francis it boxed 1999, had however after weak achievement a point defeat in to put. (Two years later boxed both again against each other and Williams knockte Francis in round sift out.)

2000 it for its fight against Marks of Potter praised, when it auskugelte itself early the shoulder, its opponent however with the other arm KO to far away strike could. it had to book 2001 a KO victory after only 32 seconds of the first round against a ungeschlagenen New Zealander named potash Meehan. That was estimated at that time not too highly, Meehan nevertheless ever outside of Ozeaniens had not fought. Later it fought however against Lamon Brewster for the WBO title and lost only disputed to points.

Then Williams began against Michael Sprott (Bezwinger of Timo Hoffmann ) and won by cost.

To 8.2.2003 it lost the fight for the EM-belt against Sinan Samil SAM in Germany. It had gone as favorite into the fight, however had been deklassiert and went in the fourth round four times to soil. The fight was broken off in round 6.

Already to 26.9 it boxed again, again against Michael Sprott and knockte it again in round 5 out.

Afterwards both boxed at the 24.Januar 2004 still another third time against in vein, this time however triumphed to Sprott to points.

To 31. July 2004 it defeated Mike Tyson in the Freedom resounds in Louisville, Kentucky, by KO in the fourth round. Its victory was favoured by a knee injury, which had tightened itself Tyson in the first round. To points Williams was past far. In the first two rounds one saw a very fast Tyson. In round three Williams even still points were taken off. Tyson brought Williams in all four rounds in the Wanken, but the larger and heavier Englishman proved taker abilities and did not go not to soil.

By its victory over Tyson Williams qualified itself for a title fight against Vitali Klitschko. At the 11. December 2004 lost Williams this freiwillige title defense Klitschkos by technical KO in the respected round. It became in the 1. , 3. , 7. and 8. Round to soil struck and could become not seriously dangerous the world champion.

To the defeat it returned to England and successfully boxed against the ungeschlagenen olympia winner Audley Harrison , which it could to soil send and out-score.

Then it came finally to a further long-longed duel against his ungeschlagenen 39-jährigen compatriot matt Skelton at the 2.Febuar 2006, which it won scarcely to points. With this fight Williams wants to be recommended for a fight for the WBO title or also against WBA - world champion Nikolai Walujew. Williams coach means however that he is still far distant from this dream fight. First it comes to the back fight against Skelton.

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