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Daressalam (actually Dâr as-Salâm of Arab دارالسلام, port of the peace, usual abbreviation: ) Is with 2.698.651 inhabitants (conditions 1. January 2005) the largest city in Tanzania. It is more lutherischer (ECD of the ELCT) and Roman-catholic bishop seat and has a university.

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geographical location

historical one Map (1888)

the city is because of the Indian ocean in the east of Tanzania. The geographical coordinates are 6.82 degrees southern latitude and 39.28 degrees of eastern length.


at 1862 began the Sultan of Sansibar Sayyid Mâdjid with thatDevelopment of the village Msisima; it wanted to shift its residence on the mainland, gave to the place the name Bandar as-Salâm (arab. Port of the peace) and began with the building of a palace, which was completed however with its death 1870 not yet.

Its successor Sayyid Barghash gave the project up, let manage however his Plantagen in the proximity of the city.1888 leased Sultan Sayyid Khalîfa it Salaam as well as the entire coast today's Tanzania to the German East Africa niche society. To28. October 1890 sold Sultan Sayyid `to Alî city and coast.

Starting from 1890 the German colonial administration ( German East Africa) had Salaam their seat carrier into it. Starting from 1964 it was capital of Tanzania, until this 1974 were shifted officially after Dodoma.

Of the cityalso the well-known expeditions were started to the Kilimanjaro.

To 7. August 1998 with an explosion before US - message in Daressalam 11 humans were killed.

economics and infrastructure


Daressalam have a large sea portwith international meaning and is railway junction. In addition the city is connected to Salaam air haven by the medium sized airport it with other African countries, as well as the Near East, India and Europe.


in the city gives ita University of, the University OF it Salaam with approx. 12,000 students as well as several high and technical schools.

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coordinates: 6° 49 ′ 0 " S. Break, 39° 17 ′ 2 " o. L.


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