Dark simmers OF the Moon

of these articles treats the Pink Floyd album Dark simmers OF the Moon. For the film of the same name see The Dark simmer OF the Moon.
Pink Floyd: Dark simmers OF the Moon

24. March 1973



category: Progressive skirt/kind skirt
number of titles: 10
running time: 43 min. 0 seconds.

David Gilmour - guitar, singing
nod Mason - Schlagzeug, Percussion
Roger Waters - bass, singing
smelling pool of broadcasting corporations WRIGHT -Key board, singing


Pink Floyd


Abbey Road of Studios

chronicle of Pink Floyd
Obscured by Clouds
Dark simmers OF the Moon wipes You Were Here

Dark simmers OF The Moon is the most successful album of the group of skirts of Pink Floyd.

The album marks the development that in musical regard volume to a ever more professionally becoming production way. The music is based on earlier Pink Floyd albums relatively commercial. For conditions at that time fashionable Pop - elements determine the sound of the album: Synthesizer are used for the first time on broad front,female Gospelchöre gives more complaisance and David Gilmours melodisches guitar play to the music is characteristic particularly of the album. The Americans Steely Dan had submitted Can't Buy A Thrill “a similar example of a perfectly produced modern Pop sound already with their debut album „, as he for DarkSimmer prototypically is represented and like he first of all technically the highest feasible standard of that time. Afterwards sometimes critical voices became loud, „Dark simmer “are music for Hifi - Snobs, since the sound quality for conditions at that time was unusually good. The album became already alsoa 24-Spurmaschine taken up. Likewise colored the Beatles of the Abbey Road - era with its in-flattering melodies on „Dark simmers… “off. However still surreale and bizarre moments at the same time determine the album. Particularly remarkably the spoken passages of the album are, those immediately the Intro „Speak ton of ME “determine. This Soundcollage begins with the pounding of a heart impact, over which several persons omit themselves to the central topics of the album:Death, insanity and force. Whereupon text the entire album concept was based.

The idea came the volume boss Roger Waters already in the autumn 1971.Bar-saved the topic tables framework created the trauma tables experience of the fall of the former Pink of Floyd member Syd: What can drive sensitive humans into the insanity? Waters wanted organized anonymous power structures like the money, which time, war insanity to point out. Also ernüchternde experiences with the Musikbusiness and the loss of one Utopia, to which about still the Hippie - generation believed, colored on the texts off. With until 2003 clay/tone carriers sold over 35 million it belongs to the usually-sold albums altogether. This very day each year several copies are sold to hundredthousand.

It became in the Londoner AbbeyRoad of Studios taken up by June 1972 until January 1973. Beside the group members worked as musicians with: Thickly Parry (saxophone on „Money “and „US and Them “), Clare Torry (singing on „The Great Gig into the Sky “), Doris Troy, Leslie Duncan (Backing Vocals). In addition one hearsTexts spoken of Studiomitarbeitern and of members of the group of Wings. The Coverdesign comes from Hipgnosis, the Design that super audio CD (2003 publish) of Storm Thorgerson.
It is one of the few albums, which exist in a 4.0-Surround-Variante, the Quadrophonic in such a way specified 8-Track,a Surroundsystem, which was common in the 70's few. 2003 appeared Dark simmer OF the Moon again merged by James Guthrie as SACD (super audio CD) in 5,1 a Surround version. Many fans criticized that not the producer of the original Mixes from 1973, Alan Parsonsfor this task consulted is. The Song material too „Dark simmers… “for the first time already became to 17. February 1972 in the Londoner Rainbow Theatre presented. Perfected to the closed album cycle it should be played by July 1975 in complete LP length on each Pink Floyd concert. The album appearedto 24. March 1973.

After the appearance of the album 1973 it was listed for many years in the international Charts. The US magazine Billboard led it long continuously across 14 years into the Top-200. Dark simmers OF the Moon is international a concept album, that for sensationensured. Further it represents a closed ring. The CD ends exactly, where the first title begins.

On the Pink Floyd album P.U.L.S.E (1994) played those volume the entire album live.

title list

# (LP) * 1 # (CD) * 2 titles Duration music text
A.1/1 1 Speak ton of ME 3:57 nod Mason
A.2/2 Breathe Roger Waters, David Gilmour, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations WRIGHT Roger Waters
A.3/3 2 on The run 3:31 David Gilmour, Roger Waters
A.4/4 3 Time 7:05 nod Mason, Roger Waters, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations WRIGHT, David Gilmour Roger Waters
Breathe Reprise Roger Waters, David Gilmour, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations WRIGHT Roger Waters
A.5/5 4 The Great Gig in The Sky 4:47 smelling pool of broadcasting corporations WRIGHT
B.1/6 5 Money 6:23 Roger Waters Roger Waters
B.2/7 6 US and Them 7:48 Roger Waters, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations WRIGHT Roger Waters
B.3/8 7 Any Colour You Like 3:25 David Gilmour, nod Mason, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations WRIGHT
B.4/9 8 Brain Damage 3:50 Roger Waters Roger Waters
B.5/10 9 Eclipse 2:06 Roger Waters Roger Waters

* 1 shows the title sequence, how it is printed out on the LP/CD.
* the actual show 2 CD TRACK.

Also expenditures exist to that CD (e.g.: Mobile Fidelity gold CD), which exhibits ten TRACKs, there Speak ton of ME and Breathe on two TRACKs (1 and 2) was divided.

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