Darlington Omodiagbe

Darlington Eglakhian Omodiagbe (* 2. July 1978 in Warri, Nigeria) is Nigerian football player.

Omodiagbe began its professional career 1995 with haven Harcourt Sharks (Nigeria). After two further years in Nigeria it changed 1997 to Poland (Gdańsk, Łódz). From 1999 to 2002 it played alternating with several German and Polish associations (fiber plastic Gütersloh, Łódz, Hanover 96, MSV Duisburg, Piotrków Trybunalski). Already after a half year with the fiber plastic Gütersloh it appeared in the kicker rank list in the “field of vision”. To Güterslohs descent it changed to Hanover 96. In the year 2000 it followed against the will of the association of the invitation to a U23-Länderspiel Nigeria, played however only 5 minutes. With its return to Hanover it was relegiert from the master eleven. Thereupon it changed to the MSV Duisburg, where Wolfgang's was franc coach. When franc became to dismiss after eight plays, Omodiagbe was not used in the back round any longer and its contract was not extended to the season end. With franc Omodiagbe began 2002 in Unterhaching.

Omodiagbe played at first in the offensive centre zone and also in the attack. In Unterhaching it changed into the defensive centre zone, for the season 2004-2005 plays it in the interior defense. After a strong season it can keep its place obvious there despite strong competition of new players.

Omodiagbes strengths are the duel and a good overview. In the duel its ball skill benefits it, which mostly makes it for it possible to separate the opponent with fair means from the ball to. Its perhaps only weakness is the occasional over courage, with which it umspielt before the opening passport in the centre zone only still another further opponent.



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