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Wappen Darmstadts Lage der kreisfreien Stadt Darmstadt in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Hessen
Regierungsbezirk: Darmstadt
district: Circle-free city
surface: 122.23 km ²
inhabitants: 139.103 (31. December 2005)
Population density: 1,150 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 144 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 64201-64297 (old: 6100)
Preselection: 06151 (Wixhausen: 06150)
Geographical situation:
Coordinates: 49° 52 ' N, 08° 39 ' O
49° 52 ' N, 08° 39 ' O
Kfz characteristics: THERE
municipality keys: 06 4 11 000
city arrangement: 9 quarters
of the city administration:
Luisenplatz 5
64283 Darmstadt
official Website: www.darmstadt.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Walter Hoffmann (SPD)
a governing party: SPD and. Becomes green

the science city Darmstadt is a circle-free city in the south of Hessen, administrative seat of the Governmental district Darmstadt and the district darmstadt the castle. The city belonged to the Rhine Main area and forms one of the nine upper centers of the country Hessen.

Darmstadt is to Frankfurt/Main, Wiesbaden and Kassel the fourth largest city of the country Hessen. Those geographicallynext larger cities are northern and Mannheim, about 45 km southern of Frankfurt/Main, about 30 km.

Their meaning as science city, whose title was lent their 1997 by the hessian ministry of the Interior, owes it the 1877 to created technical universityand two professional schools with altogether more than 30,000 students as well as many research establishments and institutes.

Of Darmstadt call as center of art nouveau Ernst Ludwig artist colony furnished decreases/goes back on the Mathildenhöhe to the 1899 of Grand Duke.

Table of contents


geographical situation


natural-space meet one another in Darmstadt four units: The west of the city is in the lowlandses of the Upper Rhine. Eastward the narrow seam of the mountain route follows, those here in the southern citytheir beginning has. The southeast of the city ranks to for instance to the Mathildenhöhe among the front desert forest. (See also portal: Desert forest.) the northeast of Darmstadt however ranks among the nature area Messeler hill country. The city becomes under others from the intestine brook and in the southernQuarter Eberstadt of the Modau flowed through.

neighbour municipalities

Darmstadt open brook borders and in the east , the south and the west on the district darmstadt the castle in the north on the district. It borders (of the north in the clockwise direction) on the municipality Egelsbach,the cities being enough and three-calibrate (all 3 district open brook), the municipalities Messel, large rooms and Rossdorf, the city upper RAM city, the municipalities Mühltal and Seeheim Jugenheim, the cities Pfungstadt, Griesheim and far city, as well as the municipality ore living (everythingDistrict darmstadt the castle).

city arrangement

the city of Darmstadt is arranged into nine quarters. For statistic reasons they are divided into statistic districts, which are provided with a numbering in each case. From altogether nine quarters five rank that among the city center(Districts 100 to 500) and four to the outlying districts (districts 600 to 900). In detail there are the following quarters:

Quarters of Darmstadt
number designation number of inhabitants ¹ note
100 darmstadt center 16,626 and. A. with city centre and calibration mountain quarter
of 200 darmstadt north 27,713 and.A. with Johannes, March in quarters and forest colony
300 darmstadt east 12,768 and. A. with Mathildenhöhe and Woogsviertel
400 Bessungen 12,680 in in common December at the 1. April 1888
500 darmstadt west 14,631 and. A. with homestead settlement and publishing house quarter
600 Arheilgen 16,468 in in common December at the 1. April 1937 ²
700 Eberstadt 21,734 in in common December at the 1. April 1937 ²
800 Wixhausen 5,733 in in common December at the 1. April 1977
900 Kranichstein 10.750 --

¹ conditions: 31. December 2005
² by the incorporations of Arheilgen and Eberstadt at the 1. April 1937 becameDarmstadt to the large city.

A more detailed representation including the subdistricts is under list of the quarters of Darmstadt.

to history

see also major item history of the city Darmstadt

the name „Darmstadt “

the origin of the name Darmstadt is unsettled. The oldest received mention of the settlement under the designation intestine and act originates from that 11. Century, several centuries after establishment of the settlement. The attempts at explanation for the origin of the name are very different.

  • The restaurant press prefers the explanation that Darmstadtthe fastened settlement of a royal Wildhübners with name Darimund was.
  • Another interpretation sees the names than derivative of the terms darre for gate or obstacle and mouth for protection, thus would be intestine and act thus a settlement at a fastened passage.
  • A further derivation wants to recognize the word trunks for oak or tree and mont for mountain.
  • Furthermore also one tries to identify the intestine brook as authors of the name. This theory Darmstadt would be following either the place at the torrent (Dam unda stat) or the place at the moorland brook (intestine and astatine).

All explanation models have advantages and weak points. The unknown Frankish nobleman Darimund to consult, for example a uniform explanation model with at the same time the settlement Bessungen approximately developed became (old: Bezcingon) make possible,which one could interpret then as settlement of the Gefolgsleute of the nobleman Bezzo (Frankish short form for Bernhard).

For the derivative of the intestine brook it speaks that, as for example also in case of of nearby Frankfurt/Main, place name rather after landmarks selectedbecame or, which would then speak for the explanation as fastened settlement, according to function of the place. Clearly against the derivative of the intestine brook it speaks however that these probably only in 17. or 18. Century this name received.



Evangelist town church

Darmstadt belonged before the reformation to the ore diocese Mainz. 1526 introduced land count Philipp the largecourageous the reformation after lutherischem confession, so that Darmstadt remained long time a lutherische city. The Christians reformed confession received only 1770 /71 the right to hold services. Since Darmstadt was Residenzstadt, was here also the Konsistorium (administration of the church; Evangelist regional church in Hessen), the 1934 and/or. 1947 were combined with the regional churches by Frankfurt and Nassau. Furthermorethe seat of the Superintendentur and/or Propstei strong castle is in Darmstadt. Today are all Evangelist municipality members of Darmstadt - if they do not belong to the Dekanat darmstadt city to a free church - within the Evangelist church in Hessen and Nassau assigned.

Religions inDarmstadt ¹
religion (denomination) portion relatively portion absolutely
Evangelist 37.9% 52,031
catholic 20.3% 27,841
other 41.8% 57,353

¹ data source: 18 pulled statistic yearbook of the science city

Darmstadt of 2002 Roman-catholic municipality members at the latest in. Century again into the city. Themit was permitted starting from 1790 to hold again services. 1827 received it again their own church (pc. Ludwig). The Pfarrgemeinden of the city belongs to the Dekanat Darmstadt within the Diözese Mainz.


Muslim municipalities exist to Islam in Darmstadtdifferent religious or ethnical groups. Largest Mo represents the Emir Sultan mosque and the Noor ud DIN mosque. Besides there are several other prayer areas, in particular the Turkish Ditip municipalities.


also an active Jewish municipality life exists in Darmstadt. 1988 becamethe new synagog inaugurated.

free churches

of the moreover are in Darmstadt also different other free churches. Some the free churches in Darmstadt are attached the Evangelist alliance. With the numerous smaller free churches it gives among other things the Apostoli communityand the town center church.

inhabitant development

population trend of the city Darmstadt

at the 1. April 1937 exceeded the number of inhabitants of the city due to the incorporations of Arheilgen and Eberstadt the border of 100.000, whereby it became the large city. In the Second World Warthe city lost approximately 40 per cent (45.000) between 1939 (115,000 inhabitants) and 1945 (70,000 inhabitants) its inhabitant. 1953 had reached the total population again the Vorkriegsstand. The number of inhabitants of Darmstadt achieved their historical highest level 1971 with 142.133. At the end of December to 2005 livedin the city after official updating 139,103 humans with main domicile. The foreigner portion was with 16,6 per cent.

The following overview shows the numbers of inhabitants after the respective area conditions. Until 1833 it acts usually around estimations, thereafter over census results (¹) orofficial updating of the respective statistic offices and/or the city administration. The data refer starting from 1843 to „the localpresent population “, starting from 1925 to the resident population and since 1987 to „the population at the place of the main dwelling “. 1843 ago the number of inhabitants becamein non-uniform collection procedures determines.

Year inhabitant
1570 1,220
1676 1,790
1772 9,800
1816 15,391
1. December 1837 ¹ 26,109
3. December 1846 ¹ 26,300
3. December 1852 ¹ 30,465
3. December 1855 ¹ 30,252
3. December 1861 ¹ 28.526
3. December 1864 ¹ 29,225
3. December 1867 ¹ 31,389
1. December 1871 ¹ 33,800
1. December 1875 ¹ 37,273
1. December 1880 ¹ 41,199
year inhabitant
1. December 1885 ¹ 43,146
1. December 1890 ¹ 55,883
2. December 1895 ¹ 63,168
1. December 1900 ¹ 72,381
1. December 1905 ¹ 83,123
1. December 1910 ¹ 87,089
1. December 1916 ¹ 71,410
5. December 1917 ¹ 71,125
8. October 1919 ¹ 82,367
16. June 1925 ¹ 89,465
16. June 1933 ¹ 93,222
17. May 1939 ¹ 115,196
31. December 1945 69,539
29. October 1946 ¹ 76,266
year inhabitant
13. September 1950 ¹ 94,788
25. September 1956 ¹ 123,306
6. June 1961 ¹ 136,412
31. December 1965 140,066
27. May 1970 ¹ 141,224
31. December 1975 137,018
31. December 1980 138,201
31. December 1985 134,181
25. May 1987 ¹ 134,272
31. December 1990 138,920
31. December 1995 138,980
31. December 2000 138,242
31. December 2005 139,103

¹ census result


town council and municipal authorities

the government of a city are called in Hessen Magistrat. This consists of full-time and honorary members. At the point of municipal authorities the mayor stands. The parliament of the city, the town council thatCity Darmstadt, consists of 71 selected city delegates.

In the quarter Wixhausen was formed in accordance with § 8 of the main statute of the city a local adviser with a local chief as a chairman. The local adviser consists the quarter Wixhausen concerned of nine members and is to important,To hear affairs. The final decision over a measure is incumbent on then however the town council of the entire town.

Town council ¹
portion of seats a party/parliamentary group
30.1% 21 CDU
29.0% 21 SPD
15.5% 11 alliance 90/Die the Green
6.8% 5 FDP
6.0% 4 UWIGA
2.2% 2 the left
2.0% 1 WASG
1.0% 1 the Mrs.
1.1% 0 other
full-time municipal authorities of the city Darmstadt
name function a party
walter Hoffmann mayor SPD
Wolfgang Glenz Mayor, city treasurer SPD
Klaus Feuchtinger town councillor Bündnis 90/Die the Green
Cornelia Diekmann town councillor SPD
Daniela Wagner town councillor Bündnis 90/Die the Green
Dieter Wenzel town councillor SPD

1 per cent distributions according to the local election to 26. March 2006 and composition of the 16. Town council also conditionsfrom March 2006.
Conditions: March 2006


at the point of the city administration stood for 19 since that. Century a honorary mayor, who received partially the honour title „to mayors “. Starting from 1874 the mayors were full-time active. Since 1993 becomethe city head directly of the people selected. The town council selected the mayor before.

Darmstadt is considered as a Red-Green center, then the conservative camp could place so far none the postwar mayor. 2005 became walter Hoffmann (SPD) as a successor of Peter Benz (SPD) in the office of the mayor selected.

coat of arms

Wappen der Stadt Darmstadt

the coat of arms of the city Darmstadt points under a red deflected grossherzoglichen crown set on the upper edge of sign in the divided sign, above to gold blue reinforce and more bezungter, increasingred lion, down in blue a silver lily. The coat of arms is often represented without crown.

The coat of arms with lion and lily is already on a Schlussstein of the lower Gewölbes of the town church tower from that 15. Century. ThatCoat of arms was again lent 1917 in the today's forms and colors by the Grand Duke at that time of Hessen. The lion is the coat of arms animal of the counts von Katzenelnbogen, who prevailed over the city. The lily was inserted later into the coat of arms,probably to the distinction of lion representations in other coats of arms. The origin of the lily is not to be proven with security. It is however assumed that the lily those originally the God nut/mother Maria geweihte town church in Darmstadt sense-figurative is. The lily is considered as indicationand therefore as attribute of the God nut/mother Maria is often explained to the purity.

partnerships between cities

Darmstadt maintains several partnerships between cities, particularly with not-German large cities. The first partnerships exist since 1958, with the Netherlands city Alkmaar andthe French city Troyes; one year later was added Chesterfield into England.

Since 1968 also Graz belong in Austria and the Norwegian Trondheim to the twin cities. 1971 were sealed the partnership with the Turkish metropolis Bursa. The Polish city Płock belongs to since 1988 . 1990 was added Saxonian free mountain and Szeged into Hungary, 1991 followed Brescia into the Lombardei (Italy) and those Swiss municipality Saanen/Gstaad, 1992 the Ukrainian Oblasthauptstadt Uschhorod and 1993 the lettische city Liepāja.

The recent partnership between cities was entered 2002 with the Spanish province capital Logroño.

to culture and objects of interest

see in addition also major items: Objects of interest in Darmstadt


  • national theatre with large house (at present in change), small house and chamber plays
  • half nine-theatre
  • comedy - TAP
  • Kikeriki theatre
  • Comedy resounding
  • Kabarett Kabbaratz
  • TUD Schauspielstudio registered association.
  • New stage Darmstadt
  • Franconia stone stage registered association. Eberstadt
  • curtain on theatre
  • the Stromer (child theatre)
  • theatre Mollerhaus
  • kind of hoping theatre


view of the entrance of the federal state museum

the hessian federal state museum is a universal museumwith numerous and extensive permanent exhibitions, among other things to finds from the pit Messel and the work complex Joseph Beuys. At time is also an exhibition with the sandstone figure of the Keltenfürsten of believing suppl. to see here (conditions 2006).

Exhibition building beside the wedding tower
The most important museum to art nouveau is the museum artist colony in the seriousness Ludwig house on the Mathildenhöhe. It shows the history of the Darmstädter artist community from 1899 to 1914 and the artistic work of their members. Works are the articles of the daily sketched by themUse, in addition, other one from the art of art nouveau. Besides are also in the hessian federal state museum in the basement decoration, equipment and furniture of art nouveau among other things by Joseph Maria Olbrich, Peter Behrens and Henry van de Velde.

Darmstadt floweredin the past centuries as Residenzstadt up. In addition the lock museum in the building of bells of the lock offers an overview over 250 years of höfischen life. The most famous exhibit is „the Madonna “from Hans's getting leg. At the edge of the gentleman garden in a baroque palace is the Grossherzoglich hessian porcelain collection. In the hunting seat Kranichstein, one of the few still received Renaissance hunting seats in Germany, is today a hunt museum with hunting weapons and hunting equipments, furnishings and paintings with hunt representations.

The arts center Darmstadt presents in the year four to five exhibitionsof national and international rank. Emphasis is the contemporary art. Likewise beside the wedding tower exhibition building Mathildenhöhe lain offers changing exhibitions. The Cybernarium concerns itself on 600 m ² with the virtual one and extended reality.

Also technology history is in Darmstadtin most diverse forms alive: The railway museum darmstadt Kranichstein shows locomotives, cars and other historical railway rolling stock in original-faithful environment. In the house for industrial culture an exhibition of machines from the graphic arts industry, schriftgiesserei is, to find and old techniques of the printing. On the Mathildenhöhein Institut for new technical form - brown Design collection industrial design is shown since 1955.

The history of Darmstadt is kept awake in different small museums: The old part of town museum in the Hinkelsturm, the last military tower of the city, reminds of in the Second World Wardestroyed old part of town of Darmstadt and others with an impressive model of the old part of town of 1930. The Wixhäuser village museum is a local history museum in a Frankish framework farmhouse with old furniture and furniture from that 18. and 19. Century.


  • Centenarium
  • art archives Darmstadt
work on []


cent ral station
  • brook choir Darmstadt registered association.
  • Darmstädter yard chapel
  • Darmstädter Kantorei
  • church music in the Pauluskirche Darmstadt
  • concert choir Darmstadt registered association.
  • Darmstädter of residence festivals registered association.
  • Darmstädter of vacation courses international vacation courses for new music
  • international Musikinstitut Darmstadt (IMD)
  • Darmstädter jazz forum/Jazzinstitut Darmstadt
  • SurpriSing choir 2002Darmstadt registered association.
  • Vocalensemble Darmstadt
  • SVE Trommelcorps

literary life

the culture city Darmstadt radiates unusually strongly in the area of the literature, which at resident institutes for literature and - combinations like also the numerous literary awards assigned here becomes clear.

The GermanAcademy for language and seal with seat on the Mathildenhöhe is here active for the care and promotion of the German literature and language. She assigns annually the George book he price, which ranks among the most important German literary awards. In addition the city organizes Darmstadtwith literary March and reminds a competition for new generation authors within the range of the lyric poetry with the Ricarda Huch price of a famous authoress. The literature house is as center of the numerous Darmstädter literature companies and - initiatives to regard; regularly readings are offered here. That The German-language present literature promotes German literature funds by assignment of the Kranichsteiner of literary award as well as further prices and scholarships.

Also the writer combination P.E.N. - Center Germany has its seat in Darmstadt, like also the Martin Behaim society for the spreading of the German book abroad.

The university andFederal state library Darmstadt is today in its function merged as central university library organizational into the technical University of Darmstadt. Further it is responsible as federal state library for scientific the literature and information supply of the region Darmstadt and south Hessen. Besides the city maintains those Municipal library Darmstadt as education and cultural facility for all subpopulations.


Mathildenhöhe with wedding tower
Orangerie in the quarter Bessungen

city center

  • old city hall
  • Luisenplatz with long Ludwig (Ludwigsmonument)
  • lock at the market place
  • churches:
    • Johanneskirche
    • Ludwig church (catholicMain church of the city)
    • Pauluskirche
    • town church (Evangelist main church of the city)
  • white tower
  • old Pädagog (former latin school)



  • Orangerie

Kranichstein andArheilgen

was arranged



to the most well-known Darmstädter sport associations counts the sports association Darmstadt 98, the twoYears in the first football federal league played and its Heimspiele in the stadium at the Boell drop gate delivers. Up-to-date the crew plays in the season 05/06 in the regional league south. Further well-known Darmstädter of sport associations is the DSW 1912 Darmstadt, with many GermansChampionships of one of the successful swimming associations of Germany, as well as the Darmstadt of dia. moon, one the first American football - teams in Hessen (stadium in the citizen park north, Rasenplatz).

Two central associations of the German sport federation have their seat in Darmstadt, i.e. the German athlete IC federation and thatGerman federation for modern five-fight.

The Darmstädter Lauftreff is also over 60 responsible persons not only largest, but with year of the foundation 1974 also the one of oldest Germany. The Lauftreff is honorary organized and no association, everyone can run along free of charge.

That Datterich Ultra - designated after the piece of dialect of Ernst Elias Niebergall - is a Volkstriathlon with high maintenance value, with each member of the per elfköpfigen crews a tenth of the Ultra Triathlon - distances 3.8 km swimming, 180 km wheel driving and 42,195km running to carry out must. Because of the large crush the Datterich was divided in the meantime into two sport events, first the meeting for hobby crews of all kinds, some weeks later then for firm crews.

The sections Darmstadt (based 1870, approximately 5,000 members)and strong castle darmstadt (gegr. belong to 1884, approximately 1,900 members) of the German alpine association to the largest sport and culture associations in Darmstadt. They offer a large offer at training meetings also together over 50 specialized training supervisors.

By the university sports center that is broadly varied DO to Darmstadt offered kinds of sport. Beside students and employees DO stands the program also interested over a membership in the association for the promotion of the Darmstädter of university sport registered association. openly.

regular meetings

  • April: Spring fair on the measuring position
  • May: Lock ditch celebration, largestCity center open air of Hessen approximately around the Darmstädter lock also over 400.000 visitors.
  • July: “Heinerfest “, largest people celebration of south Hessen and second largest city center celebration of Germany with approximately 700,000 visitors.
  • July - August every two years: Kranichsteiner of vacation courses for new music,also July admits - August as international vacation courses
  • for new music: Darmstädter of residence festivals
  • August: Hessen-look
  • Septembers: Lappingskerb in Bessungen and March-in-notch at the Riegerplatz
  • Septembers: Autumn fair on the measuring position
  • November/December: Weihnachtsmarkt on the market place

economics and infrastructure


main station Darmstadt


by the western city lead the federal motorways A 5 (Karlsruhe Frankfurt) and A 67 (Mannheim Ruesselsheim). Both meet at the Darmstädter cross.

The following federal highways lead by the city: B 3 (Heidelberg Frankfurt), B 26, B 42 and B 449.


following B 26 from eastern direction the northeast evasion is planned at present.

Additionally a continuation is B 3 (Arheilger by-pass) on by the west forestthe Eifel ring in planning. The Eifel ring is to be continued later up to the Eschollbrücker road.

railway traffic

the main station is because of the course main route Heidelberg Frankfurt at the Main and is ICE stop. Regional connections exist to Frankfurt/Main, Wiesbaden, Aschaffenburg, Mannheim, Heidelberg, as well as with the desert forest course after hereditaryoh over Wiebelsbach Heubach.

In the rail goods traffic Darmstadt is since the quiet putting of the marshalling yard darmstadt Kranichstein no more railway knot .


the public local passenger traffic supply several strassenbahnlinien and penalty that HEAG mobilo GmbH, a subsidiary of the hessian Elektrizitäts AG (HEAG), as well as Buslinien of other transporting enterprises. Furthermore Darmstadt is attached to the rapid-transit railway Rhine Main. The line S 3 drives from Darmstadt over Frankfurt/Main to bath Soden at the Taunus; thoseLine S 4 over Frankfurt/Main after crowning mountain. To all rail and Bus-Linien in the city apply the uniform prices Rhine Main traffic group (RMV).

Further information is in the article suburban traffic in Darmstadt.

bicycle traffic

of cycle tracks are in Darmstadt partly available, if they are also not always continuous and consistently developed. At the main station there is an exemplary bicycle station (bicycle multi-storey car park).

air traffic

Darmstadt lies traffic-favorably to the international airport Frankfurt in approx. 30 kilometers distance.

Work on []

Resident enterprise

office building at the T-Online avenue

the economy of the city strongly coined/shaped of chemistry and Pharmakonzern Merck with master seat in Darmstadt. With here nearly 8000 employing is Merck of largest employers in the city. Further important industrial enterprises are thoseRöhm GmbH & cost. Kg (part of the Degussa AG), Carl Schenck AG, Wella and gold-wave GmbH (part of the KAO corporation, Tokyo, Japan). All these companies have minted research or development departments in Darmstadt. Its own success history wrote the software AG,the 1969 with seat in Darmstadt were created and in the meantime the second largest German software enterprise (after SAP AG) are.

On the area of the former telecommunication engineering central office (FTZ) „at the Kavalleriesand “today several parts of the enterprise of the German Telekom are settled. Here is a large building complex developed for that of T-system, and 2005 were shifted the company headquarters from T-Online to Darmstadt. The Telekom and its daughters are second largest employer in the city.

The German post office AG maintains its Trustcenter in Darmstadt, responsibly for the electronicSignature, as well as letter center 64. The HEAG AG is well-known as the local transport enterprise (streetcar, bus) and a regional southhessian power supplier (electricity, water, gas).

The scientific book company is a publishing house with seat in Darmstadt.

See also: Category: Enterprise (Darmstadt)


for - and 60's - the 50's are represented in Darmstadt in the publishing house quarter so mentioned, which was again created with the idea of the mixture of smokeless industry and living, a large number at publishing houses and printering. Under the moreas 50 enterprises among other things companies are like the A. Springer low pressure, the publishing house Hoppenstedt, and the ABC of the German restaurant publishing house company ltd.

Current reporting in Darmstadt finds mainly in in Darmstadt the residents daily paper Darmstädter echo and the expenditures for regional to that Frankfurter Rundschau and Frankfurt one general newspaper instead of. Beyond that weekly papers appear, like the Bessunger new ones to messages and the Arheilger post office in some boroughs. As free, appearing monthly city pictorial it gives „Frizz up - the magazine “and „curtain “.

From Darmstadt sendsthe not-commercial restaurant radio radio Darmstadt. The hessian broadcast and radio FFH are represented with a Regionalstudio in Darmstadt in each case.



not least because of its universities knew the city Darmstadt the title science cityattain. In Darmstadt universities with altogether 30,000 students are settled. The probably most prominent under it is the 1836 created and one of the oldest universities, the technical University of Darmstadt (TUD). With up to 11.000 students second largest university is the university Darmstadt (H_DA).It was designated until 2005 as professional school Darmstadt and is come out from the former national's building trade school, the work art school and the urban mechanical engineering school. Beside the Darmstädter locations the H_DA is represented also with the “Campus the castle” in the district.

Beside the two largeDarmstädter universities exist the 1971 created and in working group of the Evangelist church in Hessen and Nassau Evangelist professional school present Darmstadt (EFH), which 1996 approved, nationally recognized private remote professional school Darmstadt and the 1851 as private school of music created academy for clay/tone art whichthe rather technical emphasis of the large universities with further fields of activity round off.

This article or section consists mainly of lists, where flow text should stand.

vocational High Schools

  • Heinrich Emanuel Merckschool

High Schools

of institutes and research establishments

military mechanisms

the German Federal Armed Forces maintain two barracks in Darmstadt. These are the strong castle barracks and the major Karl Plagge barracks (to 2006 Franconia stone barracks). In both barracks together 1170 soldiers are stationed.

The Federal Information Service maintains a branch office of the Federal Agency for communications statistics in Darmstadt.

In Darmstadt three American military mechanisms reside :

  • Baron of Fritsch barracks (Cambrai Fritsch barracks)
  • Kelley bar rack (body guard barracks)
  • NathanResound square meter to AREA (army food supply camp)

the seriousness Ludwig barracks in the 1990er years one vacated.

Desweitern is on the August Euler airport in the neighbour municipality Griesheim a Echelon - station. (See also: foreign Militärbasen in Germany).


see also personalities to thatCity Darmstadt


a genuine Darmstädter is „a Heiner “(therefore it also the name „Heinerfest “).

The theatre play „Datterich “, a Lokalposse of Ernst Elias Niebergall in Darmstädter dialect, is the history „of the ingenious Schnorrers “Datterich, an verse-opendismissed financial officials, and undisputed the most important piece of Darmstädter restaurant culture.

The chemical element Darmstadtium with the ordinal number 110 is designated after the city, since it was discovered in the Darmstädter GSI. There the Hassium with the ordinal number 108, discovered before, becameafter the Land of the Federal Republic Hessen designated.

„The evening song “(„the moon is come up “) of Matthias Claudius is to have developed 1776 in Darmstadt at the Schnampelweg.

The Second Channel of German Television - Family series „this Drombuschs “(1983 - 1994) plays to a large extent in Darmstadt.

Darmstadt is one of the few German large cities without direct entrance to a river.


  • hessian city book; Volume IV 1. Volume out „German city book. Manual of urban history “- on behalf of the working group of the historical commissions and with supportthe German city daily, the German standard ware and the German municipality daily, hrsg. by Erich Keyser, Stuttgart, 1957
  • the large book of the Darmstädter humor, 1978 and 1979

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