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first is since 1993 the name for the country wide television community program of the pool of broadcasting corporations - national broadcasting corporations.

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first, represents first German by the program managementTelevision, is a community offer of the transmitters (pool of broadcasting corporations) with seat, united in the working group of the public broadcasting corporations of the Federal Republic of Germany, with the Bavarian broadcast in Munich. Director of program is Dr. Günter Struve. Legal basis is the pool of broadcasting corporations convention.

The program becomes according to the respectiveSize of the individual national broadcasting corporations denied. Up-to-date the HR 7.35%, the RBB 7.00% supplies with, to that to the community program for the WDR 21.25%, the SWR 17.95%, the NDR 17.45%, the BR 15.25%, the MDR 11.45%, SR 1.30% as well as RB 1.00%.


the program took up the transmit mode in the year 1952 to Hamburg as German television, first arranged from the northwestGerman broadcast at that time. Starting from 1954 it became from existing at that timeBroadcasting corporations of the Federal Republic together for completely Germany organizes. The late pool of broadcasting corporations joined Saarland broadcast took part likewise in the community program.

1984 were renamed the program into first German television, since 1994 ever more frequently also simply only first.

AvowedA goal of the transmissions were from beginning also humans in the GDR at that time, so that the program was to be received from many strong transmitting plants as for example on the ox head or in peat house also beyond the iron curtain. For December 1990 become the program also over the former transmitters of the 1. GDR television program (DFF 1) radiated.

After establishment of the two broadcasting corporations MDR and ORB in the area of the former GDR 1992 these two transmitters joined the pool of broadcasting corporations likewiseand took part in the community program, since the fusion from Southern German Broadcasting Corporation and Southwestern German Broadcasting Corporation to the SWR and/or. ORB and SFB to the RBB are carried together now by nine broadcasting corporations.

technical conversion

the program of “first” becomes technicalin the transmission center of the pool of broadcasting corporations in the “pool of broadcasting corporations star “in Frankfurt/Main (on the area of the hessian broadcast) united. Over the own glass fiber net HYBNET these signals are distributed to the individual broadcasting corporations.

Since February 2005 first of that becomesCentral transmission completion (ZSAW) in the pool of broadcasting corporations transmission center out-played. Before switched in each case the institute for pool of broadcasting corporations, which brought a transmission into the community program (all the same whether “live” or noted), a line to the pool of broadcasting corporations star, of where from the signal was passed on to all other pool of broadcasting corporations transmitters for terrestrial distribution.With the start-up of the ZSAW all transmissions, those not “live” are for the first time (films, Soaps, documentations etc.) directly of the servers in Frankfurt out-played. Since each pool of broadcasting corporations transmitter is to be able to radiate regional advertisement further in the previous evening program, the system is on thosesimultaneous lottery laid out by up to nine programs (according to nine advertising windows). Via satellite the regional window of the WDR is radiated. The Uplink antenna for the branch RA radiant emittance is in direct proximity to the pool of broadcasting corporations star likewise on the area of the Mr.


this very day is radiated similarly to a large extent first as only television program in the old Lands of the Federal Republic over pool of broadcasting corporations-own transmitting plants. In the new Lands of the Federal Republic against it to rented capacity that of T-system one falls back. In the course of the conversion to DVB-T ever more becomessimilar transmitters in favor of the new digital spreading switched off. First is contained in all conversion regions in the digital Bouquets. In the comparison to the similar cover some areas which can be supplied with difficulty are not however in the future any longer terrestrial supplied. This is consequence of theRenouncement of many filling transmitter, which cannot become balanced also by the better sensitivity of DVB-T every now and then (thus a smaller needs field strength than with the analog receipt). Thereby still altogether scarcely 70 basic net transmitters are used and in the similar radiant emittanceabout 1000 filling transmitters, in order to achieve remote valleys with the program.

Over satellite first is European-wide receiptable since 1993. The digital satellite spreading (DVB-S) began in the year 1997. Are used at present the satellites Astra 1 (19,2° east)and Eutelsat Hotbird (13° east, only digitally). In the cable system first is country widely available, also in some other European countries (Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark) the program in far regions into the cable is fed.


Information transmissions

the most well-known transmission of the pool of broadcasting corporations is the newscast news of the day, to 26. June 1953 the first time was sent and until today as the most important information transmission on the German television applies. Since 1977 becomes additional in the late evening inContrast to the news of the day moderated and background-oriented newscast daily topics radiated. To 2. October 1989 began the midday magazine, which is not answered for contrary to the other newscasts by the editorship pool of broadcasting corporations current with the NDR, but stands under leadership BR. Itin the weekly change with the Second Channel of German Television one radiates. In the year 1992 the pool of broadcasting corporations morning magazine started as “breakfast television “under leadership of the WDR and in the weekly change with the Second Channel of German Television is likewise radiated.

Further information transmissions:


Sportschau überträgt die Bundesliga
sport-look transfers thoseFederal league

the pool of broadcasting corporations has the live-broadcasting rights at large Sportveranstaltungen for the next years as well as the Second Channel of German Television like the football WM and - EM and the olympic plays. Also international matches of the German national soccer team, the route de France, the Leichtathletik WMand the Worldcup in different kinds of winter sports (above all ski jumping and Biathlon) alternating with the Second Channel of German Television live are transferred. In the SAM-daily pool of broadcasting corporations-sport-look on the soccer federal league in a scarcely two-hour summary one reports.





music transmissions


successful formats, the no more radiatedbecome:

see also: Fernsehshow


cook endings


child transmissions


further transmissions


advertisement may be sent to 20,00 o'clock. The advertising tracing last approx. 1-3 minutes. It occurs rarely that the advertisement interrupts a transmission. At Sundays and country wide holidays no advertisement may sentbecome.

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