The hotel to the Themse

film data
of German titles: The hotel at the Themse
original title: The hotel at the Themse
production country: Germany
feature year: 1962
length (PAL - DVD): 92 minutes
of source language: German
age release: FSK 16
direction: Alfred Vohrer
film script: Trygve Larsen,
Harald G. Petersson
production: Refuge Wendlandt
music: Martin Böttcher
camera: Karl Loeb
cut: Carl Otto Bartning

the hotel to the Themse is a classical Edgar Wallace film, that its Erstausstrahlung to 28. September 1962 had.


a harmless Whiskeyschmuggler is found, murdered dead on its boat with a harpoon - the brand name mörderischen “shark”. Scotland yard stands before a mystery. Already for a long time the criminal spreads fear and fright, however always escapes by the Londoner drains. Inspector calf (Joachim Fuchsberger) seeks out finally a promising track: The “Mekka”, a ominöse port tavern nearby the scene. The owner Mrs. Nelly Oaks (Elizabeth Flickenschildt) and their picture-pretty care daughter Leila Smith (Brigitte Grothum) and the Russian spice dealer Gregor Gubanow (Klaus Kinski) received, seem allegedly nothing from the murder however more to know. On the Themse meets shortly thereafter calf the Sportruderer Barnaby, which is even personally met the “shark” in the murder night. The situation intensifies itself, when calf in its service room gets undreamt-of attendance: The “shark” stands before it. But the genuine shark is a diamond smuggler….

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