The secret of the yellow narcissuses

film data
of German titles: The secret of the yellow narcissuses
original titles: The Devil's Daffodil
production country: Great Britain
feature year: 1961
length (PAL - DVD): 94 minutes
of source language: German
age release: FSK 16
direction: Akos of Ratony
film script: Basil Dawson
production: Omnia Pictures Ltd.,
Rialto film Preben Philipsen film production and film selling GmbH
music: Keith Papworth
camera: The moon Dickinson
cut: k. A.

the secret of the yellow narcissuses is the sieved German Edgar Wallace filming of the post-war period. The film developed in Coproduktion with a British production company and contains as one of the few German-language Wallace films excluding field recordings from London. At the same time with this film the English-language version “The Devil's Daffodil “developed, however without participation of the Rialto film in color and with z. T. other actors one turned. The film script is based on the novel The Daffodil Mystery of Edgar Wallace.


large alarm at the Londoner police: An obviously mad murderer killed a young woman for the third time within shortest time. Each mark left the author a bunch of yellow narcissuses at the place of the terrible happening.

Upper supervisor Whiteside takes over the determinations. Jack Tarling - agent of an international airline - and the mysterious Chinese Ling Chu do not believe however in the act of a particular. Only quite not, when they escape only scarcely from a bomb attack, which destroys a straight only discovered supply of smuggled cocaine. Ever more seems to be confirmed the suspicion of the two that the puzzling murder series stands in connection with the drug trade. Upper supervisor Whiteside holds first to his thesis, to also his traces into a verruchten club and to its owner - a rich Londoner businessman - leads.


At the latest if one pulls the dead one from the Themse, the Wallace friend becomes into shape-set and on one of the master faultlessly combined history to be strained. And it is not disappointed.

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