Phantom (film 2000)

this article describes the Polit thriller “phantom”, for the book of the same name of Susan Kay sees that to phantom (book)

phantom is a price-crowned TV-production of the yearly 2000. The film is a Polit thriller on the basis of the book “RAF phantom “.

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actually is it only a Routineobservation of the policemen Leo shopkeeper (Jürgen bird) and its friend and colleague pit Roth (Hilmi Sözer). From boredom one sells the time and sings themselves old songs on the Oberservationsband (Rio Reisers king of Germany). To which happens, one can delete it again. Occasionally Leo must times from the car raus, in order to facilitate itself. Occasionally the expected persons come, and although it only one minute away is, all are cold-bloodedly murdered, also pit, which remained in the car.

An investigation begins, but and still its boss is murdered, and the tape disappears, does not suspect one now Leo - which sees itself not too wrongly in mortal danger. Hunted of goal investigators of its authority and of the killers, he must open on own fist, background himself to uncover. The more he with acquaintance of the Observierten speaks, is all the more opened for him that he is guessed/advised inside in the middle into a political state affair of first rank.

The Observierten was suspected the RAF to have supported however over many years had submerged. Apparently they wanted to again return, and to uncover some explosive details. Their lawyer points out now with flash backs into recent FRG history that assassination attempts on Wirtschaftsbosse, which the RAF is after-said were accomplished possibly by state organs. The interest of Leo and the lawyer aid Anna makes it now public enemies of first rank.

They must now from a contact to the next hasten, always their pursuers on the heels, which do not back-frighten also to murder further humans.

Actually the hero of history must suffer the largest loss: Leo dies before the end of the film. He came to the volume, but those Hä approached simply too near to him: in Belgium it finds only a dead one, and with the return trip it is expected at the border. The small dirt road, over which he wanted to creep, becomes the Mausefalle. But while the camera looks into the face of the dying, we see broad becoming laughter, and in rerecordings we see, how someone opens its post office box, and therein finds the mentioned volume.

Whether this volume could have relieved it, and which the Observierten would background on expressed, this seems to become finally clear now. Perhaps even heads on the highest levels will roll. The volume is inserted, and we hear again Rio Reisers “king of Germany”, while the camera thereby into the total one protract ourselves, and the film is dipped the headlights.


with the radiant emittance as if film-separate via 3sat won the film with outstanding projection/lead of 80% of the voices. Subsequently, this TV-production was nominated also for the Grimme price. The film creates it to set the common conspiracy theory to the assassination attempt on Alfred gentleman living impressive in scene: It gentleman-live wanted the third world nevertheless to relieve do why the RAF should commit thus an assassination attempt on it? Was the route well-known with the notice? Had the assassination attempt of Federal Intelligence Service steered?

The film plays with some flash backs and original material of the assassination attempt. Up to the heartless inserted dear scene of Leo and Anne the film is very tension-rich developed. Without noticing it, the play time is around, and the film leaves open some questions at the end also, which induces the spectator all the more to make itself far thoughts. One of the few films, which do not release one also after the end no more.

In the comparison with other films, and in particular Hollywood thrillers, one notices that in the long run all typical elements of the European film were brought in here. Including the compelling conclusion that a large success can be achieved only in the way by large wrong, and it the world a hero does not permit to carry a glossful victory off without heavy losses.



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