The miracle of Lengede

film data
of German titles: {{{DT}}}
original titles: The miracle of Lengede
production country: Germany
feature year: 2003
length (PAL - DVD): 182 minutes
of source language: German
age release: FSK 12
direction: Kaspar Heidelbach
film script: Benedikt Röskau
production: SAM Davis
Martin Carpenter
music: Arno Steffen
camera: Daniel ouple comb
cut: Hedy Altschiller

the miracle of Lengede is a German two-piece television film of 2003. The Doku drama is based on a true occurence. Direction led Kaspar Heidelbach.

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to 24. October 1963 breaks in in Lengede/Lower Saxony a sludge pond and floods an iron ore pit. 21 of buddy saves themselves into a higher promote-strains. Only after nine days they get assistance.


of the two-divisors was radiated in November 2003 on SAT.1. Over 11 millions Humans watched the film at that time. The market share was with 36,2%. Lower Saxony had the largest market share with 56%.

To 2. January 2005 radiated SOWS 1 the edited version “the miracle of Lengede - Director's CUT “(125 min.).


the television film one distinguished several times. Among them:

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