The so-called bad

in its book the so-called bad from 1963 transfers the behavior researcher Konrad Lorenz the main elements of its instinct theory to humans and states that humans possess essentially four impulses:

it says that these impulses are important, oversurviving the individual and continued the kind to secure. There is thus protective mechanisms.

Functions of the aggression impulse:

  • Individual self-defense
  • defense of the food district
  • training of hierarchies

the model of the storage reservoir

Konrad Lorenz transfers thus the storage reservoir model in such a way specified (also psychohydraulisches model called)on humans. He states that itself aggressions in the body damming up, which overflows sometime storage reservoirs and which humans then also without comprehensible outside cause becomes aggressive. Lorenz interprets aggressions thus as “urine-stunk”, for that naturwüchsig its course breaks and if necessary by suitable cultural basic conditions in- harmless and socially accepted - courses determined be steered can. Lorenz recommends for abreacting (Ausagieren) the aggression impulse among other things the participation in sporty large meetings.

criticism at his aggression theory

critic it argues that criticism at human aggressiveness still possible, but in the long run senselesslyis, if the aggressions are interpreted as innate and therefore unavoidably.

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