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The term data is the Plural of date (lat. Singularly date, Plural DATA = giving).

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linguistic note

this Pluralform follows thereby different words of latin of origin such as fact /Fakten and Skriptum /Skripten. In the German languagehowever the meaning of “date” restricted itself in the general linguistic usage on calendar date “. Therefore the use of the word “data” is uncommon as Plural of “date”. “Date” is sometimes treated, as if it would be a Singularetantum (word without Plural);“One treats data” frequently, as if it would be a Pluraletantum (word without singular). Wrong jokeful Pluralia of “date” is Datümer and Datumse; a popular method to avoid the word “data” is the rewriting with” dates “. Over against itthe word “date” as singular to “data” to avoid, words are used like “data element”, “indication” or “value”.

For example the sentence is nevertheless “at the following data of history gave it large earthquakes” perfectly correctly. Out of the sentence connection goes here also clearlyout that with “data” in this case of the Plural of calendar date is meant.

computer science

computer science and the data processing (EDP) use data as (machine) readable and machinable representation of information. The information becomes in Indication (and/or. Character strings) codes, whose structure rules follows, the syntax in such a way specified. Data become information, if they stand in a meaning context.

Example: 0815 a telephone number can be and belong thus to the data. If to itthe name of the participant is called, then from it information becomes.

One differentiates:

during itself structured data to process relatively simply by machine leave, is thisunstructured data only with difficulty or inaccurately possible.

Synchronizing data is called data alignment.

Definition data:Data are logically grouped information units, which will transfer between (computer) systems. They contain original user data and additionally different elements, those for reliable data communicationare necessary. They consist of a binary code. One needs coding regulations by means of those information into data to be transformed can.

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the semiotic defines data as potenzielle information. In the semiotic data become todayarranged in sigma TIC - level.

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