Data record

a data record is an final unit within a data base. A data record contains typically several data fields, which repeat themselves in the structure and condition in each further data record the same file or data base.

If the data base is represented as table,then a data record corresponds to a Tabellenzeile or (rarely) - split. In a card index a data record corresponds to an individual record sheet. Often a data record is represented also for the sake of the better overview than form on a side, similarly to a large record sheet.

A data recordist auch, etwas abstrakt gesprochen, eineInstanz eines Record-Datentyps.


  • simple directory from name and number:
    • 1. Data record: Adam, 61720
    • 2. Data record: Brunei, 56789
    • 3. Data record: Christian, 98765
    • 4. Data record: Franz, 12345
  • the Wikipedia:
    • EveryoneArticle, consisting of Lemma and text, is an individual data record.

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