Data protection

under a data protection one understands both the procedure of copying the data existing in a computer system on a storage medium (that is generally transportable), and the result - the data secured on the storage medium. The data protection becomes alsoBackup [ˈbækʌp] or backup copy calls. Their re-establishment is called also Restore.

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Sense of the data protection

the data protection serves the protection from overrun due to hardware damage, theft, fire, tides, inadvertent or intentional deletion as well as overwriting and logical errors within the data. By the short term keeping (usually 3 to 6 months)it differs from the long-term data archiving, which is subject to other regularities.

The keeping effected from data safety devices locally removes from the EDP equipment in a safe environment. For smaller enterprises are e.g. suitable. Bank safe-deposit boxes. Larger enterprises use Lampertz cells for the fireproofAccommodation of the Tape LIBRARies and the distribution that baking updating on several locations or computing centres.

That only secures criterion of a successful data protection is the proof that the secured data can be restored also completely and within an appropriate period.

safeguard concepts

one differentiate between more differenzieller, more incremental, more complete and the grandfather father son data protection. With a differenziellen Backup the data changed since the last complete Backup are completely stored. During the incremental data protection only the data become secured, sincethe last data protection (usually the last incremental Backup) changed. A complete data protection designates the safety device of all data independently of the date of their last safety device. Grandfather father son a data protection is a long-known procedure for the data protection. Constantly becomes from the volume of datathree-way Backup different age (grandfather, father, son) made by a data medium. Changes and losses of the data can be reconstructed thus. Are the “son” - data damaged, if they become from the “father” - data again produced and the “father” - data if necessary from the “grandfather” - for data.


data protection strategy

in enterprises the data protection due to a data protection strategy one accomplishes. In their is fixed:

  • As the data protection has to take place.
  • Who is responsible for the data protection.
  • When data safety devices to be accomplished.
  • Which data to become secured to be supposed.
  • Which storage medium toouse is.
  • Where the data protection is kept.
  • As long data safety devices are to be kept.
  • When and as data safety devices for their restorability to be examined.
  • Which Backupstrategie (A) complete Backup on weekend (B) of incremental or differenzielles Backup on workdays around midnight

general essentially for data safety devicesis of them:

data safety devices are to take place in regular intervals. These distances vary depending upon application. A monthly safety device of the data on a private PC can be quite sufficient, while in production environments mostly daily safety devices are necessary.
the topicality thatData protection is reached by the regularity.
Firm secrets
contain and must Verwahrung data safety devices of enterprises against unauthorized access be protected.
Data safety devices must be stored spatially separately from the EDP equipment. The spatial distance of the data protection of the secured volume of data should be so large,that a disaster (fire, earthquake, tide…), which afflicts the EDP equipment, which does not endanger secured volume of data.
Constant examination on completeness and integrity
data protection and data protection strategy must be examined and adapted regularly. Did the data become really completely secured? Is the assignedStrategy consistently? Did the Backup, (the backup copy) take place, without errors?
Regular examination on restorability
a Restore must be able to be accomplished within a fixed period. For this the proceeding of a data re-establishment must sufficiently documented and necessary resources (personnel, media, tape mechanisms, storage location on thatGoal drive assemblies) available its.

Hot Backup

a Hot Backup is a safety device of a system (for example a data base), which is kept as current as possible - ideally she is on the same conditions as the live-system. Advantage of this methodis reproaching a current “spare volume of data”, which is operational immediately in the case of a system crash.

A realization possibility is for example conceivable over RAID 1 (“Mirroring”).

Due to the close group of Hot Backup and live-system does not replace this variant conventional baking UP methods, there for exampleinadvertent delete operations also in the Backup to be put down immediately.

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