Permanent magnet

a permanent magnet (also: Permanent magnet) is a piece of a magnetizable material, for example iron, a cobalt or nickel, which keep its static magnetic field, without one (contrary to electromagnets) must supply constantly energy.

A permanent magnet can by the movement of a non-magnetic, butmagnetizable material in a magnetic field to be produced. By a magnetic alternating field, heating up over the curie temperature or impact influence can be demagnetised it again . The most well-known form are ferrite magnets, z. B. as pin wall detention magnet or - provided with iron pole pieces - as cabinet door catch.

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  • storage
  • of detention magnets
  • by walls through working clutches


  • electric motors, e.g. excited direct current motors, runner of small synchronous motors (Pemanentmagnet synchronous motor, PMSM), runners of electronically kommutierter engines
  • runners of smaller generators (e.g. Bicycle direct current generator)
  • Field magnets of loudspeakers and dynamic microphones
  • of operating magnets for reed contacts
  • field generation in moving coils
  • absorption (eddy current brake) in Ferrari electric meters

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