Dave cousin

Dave cousin (* 7. January 1945) is a British singer and Songwriter. Besides it controls numerous stringed instruments. He is the founder of the Strawbs. It published 1972 a solo album by Roger Glover, Jon Hiseman, Miller Anderson one and DaveLambert. He has the albums old School Songs and The Bridge with its volume colleague Brian Willoughby taken up. He brought Hummingbird and live ones in with its friend Rick Wakeman, which began its career in the years 1970/71 with the Strawbs. Meanwhile Wakeman' have s of the Sohns Adamand olive concerts with the Strawbs easily. With the German Studiomusiker Conny Conrad 2005 a further album one took up.


  • Two Weeks load buzzer 1972 (solo)
  • old School Songs 1979 (cousin/Willoughby)
  • The Bridge 1994 (cousin/Willoughby)
  • Hummingbird 2003 (Wakeman/cousins)
  • Wakeman & cousin live one 2005
  • High Seas 2005 (cousin/Conrad)


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