Dave Peverett

“Lonesome” Dave Peverett (* 16. April 1943 in Dulwich, England; † 7. February 2000 in Orlando (Florida)) an English Blues - and hard skirt - was a musician. It became as a front man the skirt volume Foghat admits.

Peverett buildup in Brixton in south London . First it played in the restaurant volumes The Roadrunners, later became it Frontman the CROSS Ties Blues volume. Short phases followed with the Lonesome Jax Blues volume and Swiss skirt volume Les Questions. Finally it returned to England, where it followed Savoy Brown as guitarist and a singer.

1971 was it in London initial member of Foghat with that volume moved it 1976 to New York town center . Fourteen was years long it Frontman of Foghat, until the disk conversions left volume remaining to that to wish and Peverett returned 1985 to England. 1990 created Peverett Lonesome Dave's Foghat. The new volume tourte as counterpart of the still existing Roger Earl's Foghat by the USA. 1993 came it to a Reunion both the Foghat volume. The volume remained from then on in almost unchanged occupation together, until 1999 were diagnosed with Peverett cancer.

To 7. February 2000 succumbed to “Lonesome” Dave Peverett in Orlando (Florida) its cancer.


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