Dave Weckl

Dave Weckl (* 8. January 1960 in Saint Louis, Missouri) is an US-American jazz - and skirt Schlagzeuger.

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career/development as musicians

Weckl studied college OF music in Massachusetts at the Berkley. After it had already played with beginning 20 various studio and live jobs (among other things the Simon & sparkle - tour 1982), became the jazz world in the middle of the 1980er years on it attentively - particularly due to its work with Chick Corea and its electrical connection as well as Akoustic volume. After the separation from Chick Corea (the Weckl by Gary Novak replaced) he co-operated particularly with the jazz guitarist Mike star . 1989 it was participation in the legendary „Buddy smells Memorial Concert “.

Apart from its activity as Studiomusiker and a lecturer (Clinics, Workshops, work on the Drummers Collective, NY) he published several solo plates, which in music in fusion - range are settled and the handwriting Chick Coreas carry still clearly. Chick Corea was involved with some the photographs themselves. Together with its own firm volume - the Dave Weckl volume -, it developed its own style. Meanwhile five Studioplatten, a Best OF compilation as well as a live-disk developed.

To the development, which went through Weckl in the last years, to a considerable degree a man contributed: Freddie Gruber, a Schlagzeug Urgestein. With it Weckl took again - with center thirty - instruction. Weckls play is technically nowadays however loose on highest level as always, works and less „machineful “than still into the late 80ern. As a result of the integration of Percussioninstrumenten such as Djembe and Bongos at the Drumset and their simultaneous play as well as the regular set, completely new possibilities for the impact things play arose.

When the again formed Chick Corea electrical connection volume bereiste in the spring 2004 Europe, participated Dave Weckl again also.


Dave Weckl is after-said a high musical perfection. Its brilliant play was technically extraordinary and is source of inspiration for many rising Schlagzeuger.

The Dave Weckl volume is for a strong mixture from jazz, Latin, fusion, skirt and radio well-known and also beyond the Schlagzeugerwelt a name made themselves.


Dave Weckl:

  • 1990 - Master plan
  • 1992 - Heads UP
  • 1994 - hard Wired

Dave Weckl volume:

  • 1998 - Rhythm OF the Soul
  • 1999 - Synergy
  • 2000 - Transition
  • 2001 - The zone (Best OF Cd/DVD)
  • 2002 - Perpetual Motion
  • 2003 - live one (and very plugged in)
  • 2005 - Multiplicity

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