David Ben Gurion

David Ben Gurion (hebr. דודבןגוריון; native David green; * 16. October 1886 in Płońsk, Poland; 1. December 1973 in Tel Hashomer, Israel) was an Israeli statesman.

In the year 1906 David green moved from Poland to Palestine out and Haschomer took part there in the structure of the Jewish self-defense organization. He worked as a journalist and accepted the name „Ben Gurion “, when he became a politician. Soon he was leader of the Jewish workers' movement. it went to 1915 first into the USA,where he became acquainted with his later Mrs. Paula Munweis, which originated from Russia in New York. They married 1917 and got three children. 1918 returned Ben Gurion to Palestine and became a first secretary and chairman of the 1920 created trade union Histadrut. In the year 1930 basedBen Gurion the Mapai, one zionistisch - socialist labour party.

To 14. May 1948 proclaimed Ben Gurion the independent State of Israel, whose Prime Minister and Secretary of Defense were he in each case from 1948 to 1953 as well as from 1955 to 1963. In this function it led the Israeli war of independence.

In the year 1953 Ben Gurion communicated its resignation from the government and moved in the Kibbuz Sede Boker in the Israeli Negev - desert. Although he withdrew himself not completely from the policy, he remained there until 1954.

it created 1965 also Mo Dajan and Shimon Peres the Rafi party, after it with the Mapai party überworfen itself had. 1970 he withdrew himself from all its political offices.

While the before-national period of Israel Ben Gurion represented the Jewish establishment and was well-known as moderate politicians. The British workpartly with its organization, the Hagana, together, in order to be able to arrest members of more radical groups of resistances. It was involved in - occasionally by force - the resistance, when its organization cooperated briefly with Menachem Begins Irgun. However during the first weeks of Israeli independence, everything was decidedTo disarm resistance groupings and to replace it by a only one Jewish army. Ben Gurion gave even the instruction to bombard the shipAltalena “to ammunition for the Irgun on board had. This instruction is today still disputed.

Ben Gurion became of Time magazines to one of the most important persons 20. Century selected. [1]. After David Ben Gurion 1975 the international Ben Gurion airport by Tel Aviv, which north the city Lod are, as well as the Ben Gurion university of the Negev in Beerscheba, one designated.

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