David Blaine

David Blaine (to 4. April 1973 in Brooklyn, New York town center, the USA as David Blaine White born) is an US-American action and charm artist.

Its special fields are on the one hand the Closeup in such a way specified - Zauberei the one section of the charm art represents, those in the direct contact with the spectators is achieved and on the other hand spectacular Stunts and sensation numbers, which go to the borders of its physical and psychological maximum stress.

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Blaine began its career with the Zauberei Yorks new on the roads. There it showed Passanten and others Zaubereien with maps, coins and cash notes in addition, the illusion of Telepathie and Levitation. Filmed of a small camera team, this Forführungen put the foundation-stone for mehre, very successful Fernsehshows among other things:

  • David Blaine: Street Magic
  • David Blaine: Magic one
  • David Blaine: Mystifier

in the course of its career/development it turned to ever more frequently spectacular Stunts and sensation numbers, which do not add anything with the actual charm art have, but rather the Potenzial of the human will to demonstrate are.

Buried Alive (alive burying)

to 5. April 1999 could be sunk Blaine in a gläsernen coffin in a pit, which was dug before one of Donald Trumps office buildings in New York. In this “grave” he spent seven days without obvious supply of air or food. Going past Passanten could observe it 24 hours on the day by the gläsernen coffin cover.

Frozen in Time (frozen in the time)

to 27. November 2000 could be included David Blaine to Time the Square in New York into a block from ice. From the outside by hoses with water and fresh air supplied and provided with a blister catheter, he spent so 61 hours, 40 minutes and 15 seconds, standing and awake again continuous for passport ducks visibly. As far as possible transparent ice block was developed on a landing under which one see through could, in order to prove Skeptikern that Blaine actually spent the full time in the ice. According to its statements it could not run one month after this Stunt yet again normally.

Vertigo (swindle)

to 22. May 2002 placed itself on 100 foot ( 30m) to Blaine in the New Yorker Bryant park a high column and remained there on one only 22 inch (approx. 56cm) measuring platform without food or safety device the next 35 hours stand. In order to terminate this action, it finally jumped from the column into 12 foot (3,6m) a high pile out of cardboard boxes.

Above the Below (over the abyss)

to 5. September 2003 began Blaine's most disputed action. In a transparent “cell” (size: 2,1m x 2,1m x 0,9m), which was hung up into 9 meters height in the Potters Fields park on the southern bank of the Themse in London, he spent 44 days without food, only supplies with water. By means of a Webcam it was to be observed possible Blaine continuous.

Most observers were peaceful and reserved, but attained this Stunt some medium attention by hostile and provoking actions of particulars. So the plastic crate with eggs, lemons, small sausage, bacon, bottles, color bags and such a thing thrown and around attention to excite organized a British newspaper a remote controlled mini helicopter, which flew a Hamburg one all around the crate.

A man was arrested, as he tried the supply lines to the crate to caps and numerous passport ducks showed Blaine their bright chests and back parts.

Abgemagert left Blaine the crate to 19. October 2003 to go or speak hardly still in the situation. A longer hospitalization followed, for the treatment of a heavy malnutrition. In the 44 days in its crate it lost 30kg body weight.

Drowned Alive (alive drowned)

starting from that 1. May 2006 wants to spend David Blaine 7 days and nights in a water-filled ball before the Lincoln center in New York. With air and food supplies by hoses. For the conclusion of this meeting he wants to try the world record in the air stopping under water (at present 8 minutes and 58 seconds) to break.


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