David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg (* 15. March 1943 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian director.

David Cronenberg in Cannes, 2002

it is admits for just as innovative as disturbing films. Often it is concerned in them alsothe human physicalness and their transformation and infection. Psychological and physical horror turn into for the spectator into one another, while in the film the situations took part as everyday often experience. Into the fly (a Remake of the film of 1958) merge thatBody of humans and the one fly. In Crash (filming of the novel of the same name of James Graham ball pool of broadcasting corporations) it represents a group of humans, whose erotischer Fetisch car accidents and the injuries and mutilating developing from it are.

Its film Spidercame in the year 2004 with nearly two-year delay into the German cinemas. This Asynchronität used some feuilletonists as an opportunity for critical thoughts on the local cinema and film culture. To three-year break 2005 a new film of Cronenberg came into the cinemas.In the thriller A History OF Violence plays Viggo Mortensen the owner of a servant, who appears after an assault inadvertently in the role of a medium star and in the course sees itself confronted with its past to its.

Filmografie (excerpt)

1975 - parasite murderer (ski verse)
1977 - Rabid - roaring death (Rabid)
1979 - the brood (The Brood)
1979 - 10,000 HP - full power intoxication in the frontier (nearly company)
1981 - Scanner - your thoughts can kill (scanner)
1983 - Videodrome
1983 - DEAD zone
1986 - the fly (The Fly)
1988 - the inseparable ones (DEAD of Ringers)
1991 - Naked Lunch
1993 - M. Butterfly
1996 - Crash
1999 - existence
2002 - Spider
2005 - A History OF Violence

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