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David Friedrich wine country (* 30. August 1829 in Grabenstetten, Württemberg; † 19. September 1915 in Hohenwittlingen, Württemberg) was a German zoologist and youth writer.

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Christoph David Friedrich wine country, son of a minister, showed already in its youth large interest for the earth-history past of its homeland. It studied theology and natural sciences in Tübingen and terminated its study 1852 with a thesis over „the Urzeugung “.

To activities at the zoo-logical museum in Berlin, at Harvard University (the USA) as well as in Haiti (study of the growth of Korallen) it returned to Germany and was from 1859 to 1863 director of the zoo-logical garden in Frankfurt/Main. He spent the remainder of its life as a private scholar in high Wittlingen.

Wine country was member of different domestic and international scientific societies, its scientific publications in this area was well-known however only in experts.

wine country

found achievements a world-wide admittingness and acknowledgment by its book Rulaman. Originally it wanted to mediate thereby to its sons and their contemporary knowledge of the life of their ancestors within the range of the Swabian Alb. The fact that this narration publishes, for the first time 1878 and translated in the future into several languages still in the book trade is available, shows that topics from the Ur and early history, if they can be near-brought in an appropriate way to the juvenile reader also today still current and worth reading are.


of youth books

  • Rulaman. Nature-historical narration from the time of the cave human being and the cave bear (1875)
  • Kuning hard celebration. A life picture from the history of our German ancestors, when they sacrificed still Wuodan and Duonar (1879)

resuming literature

  • Fritz Berger: David Friedrich wine country. Biography. Blaubeuren: Mangold 1967. (= papers to the Karst and cave customer; Lines up F, history of the Speläologie, biographies; H. 1)
  • Klaus Doderer: Encyclopedia of the child and youth literature, Bd. III, S. 778-779 (1979), publishing house Beltz, Weinheim and Basel (1979) ISBN 3-407-56513-5
  • Rulaman, the stone time hero. Special exhibition of the Biberacher of Braith Mali museum. To the 125-jährigen anniversary of the “Rulaman” presents the Braith Mali museum into beaver oh an itinerant exhibition, hrsg. v. Franc Brunecker. Tübingen and others: Wasmuth 2003. ISBN 3-8030-1510-3

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