David Hockney

David Hockney (* 9. July 1937 in Bradford, Yorkshire) is a British artist, who lives in California. Its work is very much to its private life referred and in important parts auto+biographically. Its paintings of Swimming pool in Los Angeles belong toits most well-known works.

Hockney was born in Bradford and educated in the Bradford Grammar School and the Royal college OF kind in London, where he R. B. Kitaj became acquainted with. It was often brought with the Pop kind in connection, but its early work show alsoexpressionistische elements not dissimilarly the work of Francis Bacon. Occasionally, as for instance in incoming goods Two Boys Together Clinging (1961), after a poem of roll Whitman designated, refer his work to his Homosexualität.

Later it established in California and painted themselves oneSeries of Ölgemälden of Swimming pool in Los Angeles. These have a more realistic style and to use bright colors. It made also pressures, haven advice of friends and sceneries for Glyndebourne, the citizens of Milan Scala and the metropolitan Opera in New York town center.

Hockney also cooperatedAnd a large number from Polaroidbildern arranged photos to a certain topic patchworkartig around large picture to provide. Because these photos from different perspectives were taken up and at somewhat different times, remind the result of cubist paintings. Some these works are landscape paintings, other haven advice.

1974 were Hockney the topic of Jack Hazan 's film, A Bigger Splash (designated after one of Hockneys Swimming pool pictures from the year 1967. Many of its works are now in the old textile mill Salts Mill in Saltaire, in close proximity to Bradford.

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