David Janssen

David Janssen (* 27. March 1931 in Naponee, Nebraska as David Harold Meyer; † 13. February 1980 in Malibu, California) was an US-American Filmschauspieler.

He spent its youth in Hollywood, after its nut/mother Berniece, a former measure Nebraska, which had arisen also in the Ziegfeld Follies, from his father had separated. 1937 married it Eugene Janssen. 1945 had David, who had aimed at first a sportsman career, had given these up however because of an accident, its first role in It's A Pleasure, but 20th Century Fox let him fall because of its distant ears soon again. It changed numerous roles to universal and got at the beginning of the 1950er years. Became it really admits however only as a TV-star in the series of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations dia. moon, private Detective of 1957 and particularly as smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Kimble in The Fugitive / on the escape (1963 - 1967). He was to be also seen thereafter still in numerous television roles, z. B. in the cult series of Harry O (1974 - 1978).

Janssens Partnerin was from 1958 to the divorce 1973 Ellie Graham. Starting from 1975 he lived together with Dani Crayne . As background of its sudden death by a cardiac infarct alcohol becomes - or drug abuse as well as revision assume.

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