David Levy (politician)

David Levy (דודלוי * 21. December 1937 in Rabat (Morocco)) an Israeli politician of the Likud and a prominent representative of the sephardischen Jews are in Israel. Levy was several times a minister of foreign affairs of Israel and has a seat in the Knesset. 1959 he emigrated to Israel and lives in prays Shean.

Levy was a mayor and deputy mayor in prays Shean of 1964-1977 and chairmen of the Likud parliamentary group in the Histadrut - trade union since center of the 1960er years to beginning of the 1980er years. It created those Ge - movement in the year 1995, whose leader is he still. This followed to the Knessetwahlen of 1996 the Likud and was 1999 involved in the Wahlbündnis an Israel.

David Levy is since 1969 member of the Knesset and was from 1977-1979 Ministers for immigration and integration. 1979-1990 he was a Minister for structure and housebuilding (1981-1984 as a deputy Prime Minister). In these positions it was considerably involved in moderating the serious housing problem. Thus he stated the “Project Renewal” during the 1980er years. From 1990-1992 he was a minister of foreign affairs and vice-Prime Minister and from 1996-1998 ministers of foreign affairs and deputy Prime Minister.

In July 1999 he was appointed again the minister of foreign affairs and deputy Prime Minister. It held these positions up to its resignation in August 2000.

In April 2002 he was finally appointed the Minister without division. In July 2002 it withdrew also from this post.

David Levy is married and father of twelve children.


something similar as with Helmut Kohl circulate also over David Levy some jokes, which have its unsatisfactory English knowledge to the topic. As it e.g. someone with a receipt said: The drink of acres on the house, he is to have risen on the roof, in order to look for the beverages.


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