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David lynch in Cannes, 2001

David lynch (* 20. January 1946 in Missoula, Montana, the USA) is an US-American director.

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its father was agrarian scientist in the US Ministry Of Agriculture. Because it was frequently shifted, the family was forced to a moving life.

1965 visited lynch the Pennsylvania Academy OF Fine kind in Philadelphia. Lynch is muchart-interested humans, its works covered at that time above all the range of the painting, sculptures and photographies. In a course for experimental art it animated 1967 designs and realized its first Kurzfilm Six Men Getting crimps as termination work.

Due to the “high”Costs of this sechsminütigen film (about $ 200) lynches no further films more to actually turn, quasi from the public assigned it however H wanted. Bar clay/tone Wasserman with the production of a further film and offered for it 1000 dollar, one to itlarge sum at this time. Lynch bought for nearly 500 dollar Vorabzahlung of it his first own camera and turned the film The alphabet, however the entire material found destroyed after the development. Ready, it those explained itself Wassermanremaining 500 dollar first to likewise give, and lynch again turned the film, which on a dream of the niece of his Mrs. at that time Peggy lynch was based. Peggy played the main role, “the girl”, in the Kurzfilm. Differently than in the pure animated film SixMen Getting crimp combined lynch in this vierminütigen Kurzfilm animations with genuine photographs.

At this time had lynch already longer worked on a script to a project named The Grandmother. It applied under collecting main of this script and its pastWork around a scholarship of the American film of institutes, which it also received to its own surprise. The 35-minütige The Grandmother of 1970 possesses a sophisticated action and presents it into partial to urgent and disturbing pictures; with good right can it as the actual beginning of Lynchs work to be regarded.

1971 began lynch with the work on its first feature Eraserhead. The work was completed due to more numerously, financially conditioned turning tracing only 1976, after five years. In it unfoldsitself for the first time completely Lynchs ability for kryptische, surrealistische and dark-disturbing dream pictures. Although Eraserhead encountered due to its difficult topic with Studios little approval, the strip short time was promoted later to the cult film.

In the midst of a Eraserhead - turning break in the year 1973lynches the Kurzfilm The Amputee for a video material testing of the American film of institutes manufactured. Occasionally that the zehnminütige film should hold the examiners of the AFI in its Widerlichkeit and quality lacking from it, the Filmmaterial used so far is accepted by video material tooreplace.

1980 turned lynch on behalf film the elephant human being , a deeply< human> masterpiece nominated by Mel Brooks that eightfold OSCAR /b, which arranges the grey rather hintergründig. Shortly thereafter received lynch some offers, among other things also for the third partthe star Wars - Trilogie. It decided however for the opulente filming of the novel the desert planet (English. Original title: Dune), which to it by Dino de Laurentiis one offered. Despite the then immense expenditure and a budget of 40 million dollar was the Science Fiction< /b> - Epos a flop. Later from the material still another longer TV-version was provided, with which do not lynch in this form agreed, why an alias, i.e. the famous Alan Smithee, when director was called. Nevertheless workedContinue to lynch with de Laurentiis, on which the thriller Blue Velvet originated in to 1986, which received even a OSCAR nominating. 1990 it turned the Road Movie game RK Heart extremely distinguished with the golden palm violent and, on which one it however oneAllowance to the commercial one accused. 1990 came Lynchs first series of twin peak into the American television, which was at least at the beginning a large success. The 1993 after-pushed motion picture film twin peak - Fire mill With ME, a Prequel, was against itless successfully, applies however among connoisseurs meanwhile than one at for most underestimated work the Lynchs.

1997 turned lynch with draw to Highway to its roots back, by by dark-disturbing pictures history “acutely schizophrenen killers” explained. Among other things usedit two songs of that volume Rammstein for the sound TRACK of the film. Thus it had a large portion of it Rammstein today also abroad is very successful.

After that rather linear and cinematic unspektakulär The Straight story told wantedit 1999 the work on a new series of Mulholland drive begin, which did not find Zuspruch however with the client ABC. Thus went lynches with the project to France, where he made a feature from the series (Mulholland drive -Road of the darkness), which again in Cannes for the best direction one distinguished.

Lynch co-operates much with Angelo Badalamenti , which wrote the music to many of its films. The moreover composed lynch even music for its films.

At presentlynches on the completion of a film with the work title inland Empire works “over a woman in difficulties [and] a secret” with Laura Dern in a main role.

Lynch holds a training order to the European Graduate School in Saas Fee .


television films

  • 1989 - twin peak, pilot film and29 series sequences, direction with the pilot film and the consequences 3, 9, 10, 15, 30
  • 1990/91 - American Chronicles, documentary film row, produced of lynch, direction of the consequence “champion”: Lynch/frost
  • 1991/92 - on The air, 7 consequences, direction with consequence 1
  • 1992 - Hotel Room, Kurzgeschichten Trilogie

advertising spot

music tie-clip

  • 1991 - the Trailer for the Dangerous route of Michael Jackson.
  • 1991 - The game RK Heart - version of the Songs Wicked Game of Chris Isaak
  • 1995 - Longing. Music video for the JapaneseSinger Yoshiki.


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