David McWilliams

David McWilliams (* 4. July 1945 in Belfast, † 8. January 2002 in Ballycastle) was an English/Irish musician.

1948 pulled parents SAM and Molly with it after Ballymena, where it made its childhood spent and training as an engineer in a torpedo factory. After David a demo Tape had taken up, it was sighted of Mervyn Solomon as a talent and mediated to its brother Philip, owner both the label major Minor record and the Piratensenders radio Caroline. Its debut single „God and My Country “ was published 1966.

Its first hit was 1967 „The Days OF Pearly Spencer “from its second album. Ironically „The Days OF Pearly Spencer became “of it never a Top Ten hit. Only Mark of Almond landed these 1992. However the percentages of profits for it were missing since McWilliams had in the meantime lost the license rights at its music due to management errors.

Sometimes as calm and modest artists stood David McWilliams not gladly on the stage and in the footlights, went however into the 1960ern with the Dubliners on route and arose into the 1980ern on Folk festivals.

After several further smaller successes such as

  • Three O'clock flamingo Street
  • CAN I GET there by candellight
  • Hiroshima
  • type character ton my love

became it ever more quietly around David McWilliams, and his death to 8. January 2002 was commentated only briefly by the Irish press.

A singer with much Potenzial died with David McWilliams, which was never appreciated appropriately during lifetimes of its talent. Up to its death it had taken up 1967 three pieces over 10 albums, of it alone to end.

It leaves two ex women and 8 children.

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