David Tomlinson

David Cecil MacAlister Tomlinson (* 7. May 1917 in Henley on Thames; † 24. June 2000 in Buckinghamshire) was a British actor.

Tomlinson began its play career 1935 in the theatre and turned starting from 1940 films. Its career was however soon again interrupted, when it was drawn into the Second World War as a Air Force pilot. It already began 1945 to turn again. Altogether covered its 40 years lasting career of 50 films. It brought its best achievements thereby in the 1940ern and spreads 1950ern, popularity secured itself it however only in the 1960ern and 1970ern, when it in Disney - comedies “Mary Poppins “,” a mad beetle “and” the daring witch in their flying bed “participated. 1980 it already pulled itself after “the malicious play of the Dr. Fu one Chu “in the private life back, in order to have more time for the family. Tomlinson played often sympathetic, linkische father figures from the Oberschicht.

1990 published Tomlinson its memories under the title Luckier Than Most. At Autobiography.

Filmografie (selection)

  • 1941 Quiet Wedding
  • 1945 The Way ton the of star
  • 1948 Miranda (Miranda)
  • 1949 The Chiltern Hundreds
  • 1951 hotel seeing era (hotel seeing era)
  • 1956 three men in a boat (Three Men in A Boat)
  • 1963 Tom Jones - between bed and Galgen (Tom Jones)
  • 1964 Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins)
  • 1965 city in the sea (town center Under the Sea/be Gods OF the Deep)
  • 1968 a mad beetle (The Love nose)
  • 1971 the daring witch in its flying bed (Bedknobs and Broomsticks)
  • 1980 the malicious play of the Dr. Fu one Chu (The Fiendish Plot OF Dr. Fu Manchu)


  • Luckier Than Most. At Autobiography, 207. S., London, Sydney, Auckland and Toronto: 1990 (Hodder & Stoughton), ISBN 0-340-53484-2

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