David Trézéguet

David Trézéguet (* 15. October 1977 in Rouen, France) is a French football player.

David Trezeguet (11. September 2005)
David Trezeguet (11. September 2005)

Grown up in Argentina it played a small association in Argentina as a young person for Platense. 1996 it became then with the U-18 of France European champion. Thereupon it pulled it back into its homeland. Here it played first for as Monaco, with which its large career began. Already in the first year it became with its storm partner at that time Thierry Henry of French masters.

1998 it became then with the French national team world champion. They defeated the record world champion Brazil in the final.

it was committed to 2000 by Juventus Turin, record master in Italy. He came from as Monaco for 22 million euro. In this year it became also with the Equipe Tricolore European champion. In the final it shot the Goal golden. he reached 2001 and 2002 with Juventus Turin the championship and the Suppercoppa in Italy.

2002 became David Trezeguet soccer player of the yearly in Italy. Although Trezeguet has to fight again and again with injuries, he belongs nevertheless to the best Stürmern of the world.

2003 stood for Trezeguet with Juventus Turin in the final of the champions League against the AC Milan. The play in the champions League against arsenal London was its 200. Employment for bianconeri.

Michel Platini compared it once with the Paolo Rossi and gave it the pointed name Trezegol.

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