David Wheeler

David John Wheeler (* 9. February 1927 in Birmingham, England; † 13. December 2004) was a British computer pioneer.

It applies together with Maurice Wilkes and Stanley Gill as a developer of the first subroutine. Admits became it with work in the area of the data compression and cryptography. Thus it developed the Burrows Wheeler transformation, an algorithm that together with Mike Burrows and. A. in the compression algorithm Bzip2 use finds. With Roger Needham it developed the Tiny Encryption Algorithm, wide-spread block cipher. It was and. A. the doctor father of Bjarne Stroustrup, the developer of [[C++]].

Wheeler received a scholarship at the Trinity college in Cambridge in the year 1945 and studied mathematics and received to 1948 its university conclusion, 1951 attained a doctorate it. Wheeler worked on the first memory-steered computer EDSAC 1.

Its most well-known quotation is „Any problem in computer science CAN solved with another layer OF indirection. But that usually wants create another problem.“(Each computer problem can be solved on a higher abstraction level. But that will normally raise a new problem.); however mostly just the first sentence is quoted and the quotation is falsified in such a way.

Before its retirement Wheeler was a professor for computer science at the University of Cambridge. It died at the age of 77 years at heart failure.


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