David di Donatello

the David di Donatello (actually Premio David di Donatello) is the most important Italian film price. This honor is assigned since the year 1956. Responsible first the culture combination open gate club, following and to today then the duck David di Donatello by la Cinematografia Internazionale, was which is carried by the national federations of the Unterhaltungsindustrie and the Filmwirtschaft.

Model for the David di Donatello was at that time the OSCAR. This reflects itself also today still in the fact that the Italian film price is assigned in particular for national productions and beyond that also foreign films and/or. international actors to be honoured. Comparably with the OSCAR are also most categories, in which there are honors. The international honours represent a characteristic. Beside the best one foreign film also the best film becomes from a country of the European union premium ore. Beyond that special prices for the life's work of individual persons are assigned again and again (e.g. Golden plate).

As Trophäe the winners can take a reduced expenditure of the David statue with home, which was created by the Italian sculptor Donatello approximately in the year 1440.

the winners

of best ones Italian film and best one foreign film since 1970

The godfatherfocus Brooklyn Waterloo overwork on]
year of best ones Italian film of best ones foreign film
2005 Le conseguenze dell'amore million dollar baby
2004 the best years the invasion of the barbarians
2003 La finestra the fronte the pianist
2002 the Medici Krieger The one Who Wasn't There
2001 the room of my son desire on other
2000 bread & tulips all over my nut/mother
1999 Fuori dal mondo (not of this world) the course of the life
1998 the life whole or not at all 1997
the breathing space Ridicule is beautiful - of the ridiculousness of the light
1996 Ferie d'agosto Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud
1995 La scuola Pulp Fiction
1994 dear diary in the name of the Father
1993 large Kürbis a heart in the winter
of 1992 stolen children red lantern
1991 Mediterraneo
at the end of the daily
Cyrano of Bergerac
1990 open doors the club of the dead poets
1989 La Leggenda del santo bevitore Rain one
1988 the last emperor good-bye, children
1987 the family room with prospect
1986 hoping we that it becomes a girl the other world of Africa
1985 Carmen Amadeus
1984 Bal - the dance palace
Fellinis ship of the dreams
Fanny and Alexander
1983 the night of San Lorenzo Gandhi
1982 Borotalco Mephisto
1981 Ricomincio there tre -
1980 - shopkeeper against shopkeeper
1979 the wood shoe tree
Christ came only to Eboli
forgets Venice
tree of the desires
1978 into nome del dad RH
A man from steel and iron
uncanny meeting of the third kind
1977 Un Borghese piccolo piccolo
the Tartarenwüste
the Marathon man
1976 a mad class meeting
power has its price
1975 the affair Murri
force and passion
flaming inferno
the working class goes into the Paradies Questa specie d'amore

the large mistake the garden of the Finzi Contini
Ryans daughter
1970 determinations against a citizen Metello the lion raised
each suspicion in the winter
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