Davitamon Lotto

round around the Henniger tower 2005
Christophe Brandt

Davitamon Lotto is a Belgian cycle racing - team, which is gesponsort by Davitamon (Pharmaunternehmen) and Lotto (Belgian Lotterie ) . The crew participates in the UCI pro route .

First the Belgian Lotterie created its cycle racing team with the name Lotto in the year 1985. They fused later with Domo - farm of Fritz and called themselves Lotto Domo. Sporty leader is at present Coeman Geert.

Davitamon was in the year 2004 still sponsor of the crew Quick step - Davitamon. But one separated from Quick step and co-operated now with the former Lotto Domo team.

Table of contents

season 2006

successes in the pro route 2006

Date running driver
26. April 1. Stage route de Romandie Robbie McEwen
27. April 2. Stage route de Romandie Christopher of horns
30. April 5. Stage route de Romandie Cadel Evans
30. April total valuation route de Romandie Cadel Evans

of successes in the Continental route 2006

Date running driver
9. - 12. February GP Internacional Costa Azul Robbie McEwen
15. March Nokere Koerse Bert Roesems

team 2006

Name birthday nationality
Mario Aerts 21.12.1974 Belgien Belgium
Christophe Brandt 06.05.1977 Belgien Belgium
Wim de Vocht 29.04.1982 Belgien Belgium
beard Dockx 02.09.1981 Belgien Belgium
Cadel Evans 14.02.1977 Australien Australia
nod gate 10.03.1972 Australien Australia
Chris of horns 23.10.1971 Vereinigte Staaten United States
nod Ingels 02.09.1984 Belgien Belgium
Josep Jufre 05.08.1975 Spanien Spain
Olivier Kaisen 30.04.1983 Belgien Belgium
January Kuyckx 20.05.1979 Belgien Belgium
Björn Leukemans 01.07.1977 Belgien Belgium
Nico Mattan 17.07.1971 Belgien Belgium
Robbie McEwen 24.06.1972 Australien Australia
Pieter Mertens 25.08.1980 Belgien Belgium
Fred Rodriguez 03.09.1973 Vereinigte Staaten United States
Bert Roesems 14.10.1972 Belgien Belgium
Nicholas Sanderson 1 27.05.1984 Australien Australia
Gert Steegmans 30.09.1980 Belgien Belgium
Tom Steels 02.09.1971 Belgien Belgium
Leon van Bon of the 28.01.1972 Niederlande Netherlands
Preben van Hecke 09.07.1982 Belgien Belgium
Wim van Huffel 28.05.1979 Belgien Belgium
Peter van Petegem 18.01.1970 Belgien Belgium
Johan van Summeren 04.02.1981 Belgien Belgium
Wim Vansevenant 23.12.1971 Belgien Belgium
Henk of bird 31.07.1973 Australien Australia

1 Nicholas Sanderson had to terminate its career in February because of epilepsy.

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