Dawn drill

Dawn drill (* 4. September 1937 in Sydney) is a former Australian swimmer.

Drill was the Australian star of the olympic plays 1956 in Melbourne. The popular swimmer won those gold medal over 100 m freestyle and the silver medal over 400 m freestyle. With the Australian freestyle print relay it became Olympiasiegerin over 4 x 100 M.

With the olympic plays in Rome 1960 it won two further relay silver medals and became again Olympiasiegerin in its parade discipline 100 m freestyle. It created it even four years later in Tokyo this success for the third time in consequence to repeat. 1962 were Dawn drill the first woman of the world, which swam the 100 m freestyle under one minute.

With the olympic plays in Tokyo 1964 it could win the silver medal with the freestyle print relay apart from its single title still and brought it at the end of their olympic career on altogether eight medals. After the olympic plays in Tokyo drill terminated its active career and became Schwimmtrainerin. However the resignation was not completely voluntary, since it, how other athletes before also, which stole olympic flag and but from the Australian federation for 10 years became closed.

1999 were distinguished Dawn drill as a Sportlerin of the century.


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