De Beers

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De Beers is a largest diamond producer and - dealers of the world with seat in London and Johannesburg. For historical reasons the enterprise almost holds a monopoly on the diamond trade.

Today De Beers sells only diamonds from own mines, from which most lie in South Africa and Botswana.


with the year 1880 began the fight for the diamond fields between Cecil Rhodes and its largest competitor Barney bar NATO. Still in the April of the same yearly united Rhodes and Rudd their portions, in order to create the new company.

In the same year bar NATO and its family created bar NATO dia. moon Mining company, in order to strengthen their requirement in the yield-rich Kimberley mine. At a set of fusions it succeeded to it 1887 to attain a dominant factor position in the Kimberley mine.

Meanwhile Rhodes acquired 20 per cent of the fused portions and the fight could begin. Both sides, Rhodes and bar NATO increased their production into destructive extents and began the Kimberley portions completely to buy up. Finally Rhodes tactical “courage” and the “deep bags of its backers” won. Bar NATO was now forced to fuse with De Beers.

From that Rothschild archives it follows that Cecil Rhodes between 1890-1914 shares possessed with Rothschild. (Source: /Foreign account No. 6, 1890-1914 I/11/1-25, 25 volumes)

De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited became to 12. March 1888 with Cecil Rhodes as presiding boss based. De Beers contained the entire De Beers mine, three quarters of the Kimberley mine and controlled interests in the Bultfontein and Dutoitspan mines.

Cecil Rhodes, Barney bar NATO, F.S. Philipson Stow and Alfreds pickle were now the principal part owners and leaders of De Beers. Starting from August 1893 De Beers at the Johannesburger stock exchange was listed.

Before however, in the year 1890, London dia. moon Syndicate was created, which bought up the entire production of De Beers. This syndicate was the foundation-stone, on which Ernest Oppenheimer created the dia. moon corporation, which became later the “cent ral Selling organization”.

1897 died bar NATO under mysteriösen circumstances, when he traveled by the sea route to England. Rhodes died 1902 peacefully in the Cape province, in the same year, in the Ernest Oppenheimer as an agent of the A. Dunkelsbuhler & CO (diamond purchase) to Kimberley came.

By the possession Oppenheimers Consolidated dia. moon Mines (CDM) in southwest Africa (now Namibia) could become now 1924 the Anglo American corporation member London dia. moon Syndicate.

The diamond giant De Beers produces per year jewels with a total weight of twelve millions Carat. In the past year the enterprise has the conversion by seven per cent on the record value of 5,5 billion Dollar increased. De Beers gained a profit of 676 millions Dollar. For advertisement (Slogan: “A diamond is imperishably”) gives the company per year 180 millions Dollar out.

Anglo American holds 45% by De Beers, further 45% the Oppenheimer family. Nicky Oppenheimer is a chairman of the supervisory board advice. The moreover one De Beers Centenary (Switzerland) belongs to 50% the Debswana (Botswana), 50% the Nambdeb (Namibia) and 75% of the Williamson mine (Tanzania) in Africa.

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