Death Metal

Death Metal
forerunner: Thrash Metal
origin: Center of the 1980er years from Great Britain and the USA.
Subgenres: Melodic Death Metal, Slam Death Metal
restaurants centers: Göteborg, New York, Florida, Texas
instruments: Guitar - bass - Schlagzeug

Death Metal is a variant of the Metal. Typical characteristics are very deeply tuned instruments and gutturaler singing (also Growls called), often also double bass Drumming and extremely fast, Blastbeats so mentioned. The texts mostly treat those Topic of death and suffering, partly with philosophical (nihilistic) or also sowing anise tables portions.

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developmentand history

the music style developed for in the middle of the 1980er - years from the Thrash Metal. Only after some time however consciousness for a new music direction and Metalszene developed; thus can be found at that time for example also with Destruction of reef, whicheasily of a Death Metal volume could have come.

As first outriders are considered above all volume the Possessed, Slaughter, light hammer/Celtic frost and Morbid fishing rod (of the music magazine skirt hard as first superstar of the DeathMetal designates) as well as Death, whose head Chuck school servant was admired as “Godfather OF Death Metal”. Worth mentioning as one the first Death Metal of volume are likewise masters.

Were most influential in the USA of volume from the area around Tampa, Florida (e.g. Death, Morbid fishing rod, Obituary, Deicide), the surrounding field new Yorks and Marylands (Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Malevolent Creation), as well as to a large measure also Autopsy and Six Feet Under.

Parallel to the Death Metal developed a something similar, however more the Punk - for movement music direction which can be attributed named Grindcore. This was particularly in the middle/end of the 1980er in Great Britain of importance and brought pointing the way of volume such as napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Benedictionor Carcass out, which coined/shaped the US-Death Metal crucially.

As European Gegenpol to the technically fastidious, in later years almost “progressively” working US-Death Metal developed into the late 80ern Stockholm (Sweden) to the center stresses primitive, straight-line DeathMetal. Well-known representatives of this direction are Unleashed, Dismember/Carnage, Nihilist/Entombed and Grave. A certain musical influence by the US-American Autopsy was not here from the hand to wise - the straight Nihilist demos stood completely in thatTradition of the Autopsy sound.

Another kind of play of the Swedish Death Metal was established at the beginning of the 1990er years particularly in Göteborg: The Melodic in such a way specified Death Metal, also calls OF Swedish Death Metal (NWOSDM) new Wave. As pioneer volume leaveRK the gates designate themselves, which dissolved meanwhile. One the largest, and - according to the sales figures - most successful volume most well-known therefore this direction are in Flames. Contrary to their older works last the two leave themselvesOnly the Death Metal causes albums assigns. Newer albums of the Göteborger Combo dissociate themselves, by increased electronics employment, increasingly from the classical Melodic Death Metal.Children OF Bodom and Dark Tranquillity are probably most successful existing volume. The Melodic Death Metal draws throughstresses melodische passages out and uses elements of the NWOBHM, for example the Soli mehrstimmig played by two Leadgitarren. The typical elements of the Melodic Death Metal found years later into the hard core Punk - to scene entrance and experience there at present underthe designation Metalcore one Renaissance.

In the center of the 1990er however a saturation effect in the scene began during this music direction, with which in the rest of the success of the Norwegian Black Metals was favoured. The public lost the interest in the Death Metal.Only few volume created it to hold itself in this time over water. Toward beginning of the new millenium one speaks how/as-those-strong of the Death Metals however of one.

On the side or gave it gives in the death metal in various regarda certain Regressivität concerning a deviation from a kind Death Metal Reinheitsgebot. One had to sound in a certain way, otherwise one was not true. Thus the singer von Unleashed , Johnny Hedlund, 1993 in an interview meant that volume,which let elements from other music styles flow into their work, after some time with the refusal of the scene to argue would have. Ironically of the Death Metal used also a style explosion with the how/as-those-strong.

Thus the Death Metal refers every now and thenmost diverse influences also. The Death in such a way specified “n” roll, in the center of the 1990er developed of volume such as Entombed, fermenting celebration or Crack UP, combines Death Metal typical sound with reminiscences to old sizes such as Black Sabbath, Motörhead, AC/DC or the early Queen. Fear Factory began Samples as Grindcore - Death Metal volume, built however increasingly Industrial - into their pieces in and profited thus as one few the Death Metal volume from the Industrial Metal at that time - wave. Cut ranges betweenDeath Metal and Gothic Metal as well as Doom Metal form z. B. Atrocity or My Dying Bride. Avant-garde one of volume such as Cynic, Pestilence, Atheist or German boring & the club OF would ferment left itself from jazz, Ambient or Latin music inspire. The US quartet Nile is characterised by a synthesis from Grindcore - affected Death Metal and Egyptian folklore. The Finnish formation rolling air however took up 1995 with a 60-köpfigen orchestra the “Death Metal Symphony to Deep C”.


the “typical” Death Metal reaches very fast “Geknüppel” so mentioned of slow, rolling reef (for example with Bolt Thrower or Hypocrisy) up to. The guitars are very frequently around at least one complete clay/tone, often even twoor more, down-been correct. As a further characteristic one can regard abrupt changes of the speed or the rhythm.

The texts are often with difficulty understandable due to the singing style prevailing in the category (“Growlen “, “Grunzen”). In the case of the early albums of Obituaryalready alone nothing is to be understood, because their singer “growlt” nearly without each text; often one approves an immutability of the Lyriks in addition, due to its extremity. Similarly, as one it also with the Black Metal finds becomes the immutability thatTexts and/or. the singing to the fact used that emotions become “mediated” in this way. This is reached using Blastbeats, speed change, change of the being correct situation (it with “growling” concerning the heights to that extent is possible), and fast, hard reef.

“Cleanen” singingalternating with typical Death Metal singing volume such as Amorphis and Edge OF Sanity introduced . This innovation of the Clean Vocals in the Death Metal arose at the beginning of the 1990er . As the largest hope on this subsection the volume Opeth is considered out since end of the 1990er Stockholm, which old School - Death Metal à la Morbid fishing rod with elements progressive ones of the skirt of the 1970er connects.

ideology and lyric poetry

as also in many other Metalstilen, regard the trailers of this style their music than oneExpression of the negative aspects of the world and see their scene as Gegenkonzept to a superficial fun culture, however this direction at another point sets. A typical characteristic of Death Metal texts is a fundamentally pessimistic world view, why that Death also as the lyric pivot of this music direction to be described can, in accordance with a Slogans the volumes light hammer: Only death is material.

Mentioned Nihilismus expressed itself at first in Splattertexten, whatever however today still another large spreadingexhibit. The there representations of force are partly very doubtful, however a Death metalworker would hardly come on the idea to convert these into the act. The perhaps to-gelless description of force is much more than one reaction to one appearancableto regard completely hopeless world view, and/or. as a valve for rage on this reality.

Also occasionally satanische find and/or. anti-Christian symbolism a place in the Death Metal. Also this is as a sign of abhorrence opposite one as heuchlerisch good regarded world orSociety to understand, there sowing anise mash is suitable over in a like a Christian coined/shaped western culture against selbige to kokettieren. In song texts, in which killing Christians is described, this splitting off tendency comes to the expression. However such tendencies mostly are in thatBlack Metal - to find current.

It is similar with the use of symbols from the time of the national socialism, as SS-runes, swastikas or similar symbolism (which in the Death Metal however is very rare). Usually (whereby it is to be mentioned thatthere some few exceptions is however nevertheless) is this no indication of political orientation that volume there or the members that volume. If these symbols without political background are used, is the first-rate goal of the use of mentioned symbolisms that itthe bad and bad one to the expression bring. Since one calls the time around the third realm extremely dark section in the history of mankind, they are also today still used, whereby the “bloom time” of center of the 80's to beginning/centerthe 90's went. In addition this is prevented today by the intensified censorship right, as well as generally rejected political influences in the Death Metal.

With the development of the scene a “ripe process” began also in the reference to the texts. The topic became with differentiatedMeans concerned; a certain similarity to the Vanitasgedanken as in the baroque stepped ever more to the appearance, then for example parallels can Humanity” be pulled between the “Thränen of the native country by Gryphius and “Epitaph for by Vader. Volume such as Death, Cynic, Pestilence or fermenting celebration dared themselves to philosophical and political topics near. Also surrealistische texts e.g. became. taken up by Darkthrone on its first LP “Soulside Journey”.

some well-known of volume

for an overview in the Wikipedia of represented volume see category: Death Metal volume.

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