Debout Congolais

Debout Congolais (stand up, for Congo vintage) is the national anthem of the democratic Republic of the Congo. Text and melody come from J. Lutumba and S. Boka. It was introduced 1960, replaced 1972, when the country in Zaïre was renamed, and introduced 1997 with the return to the old name the Congo again.

original text

Debout Congolais< /br> Universities par le sort< /br> Universities dans l'effort pour l'indépendance< /br> Dressons nos front< /br> Longtemps courbés< /br> Et pour de bon< /br> Prenons< /br> le plus bel élan< /br> Dans la paix< /br>

Ô Peuple ardent< /br> Par le labeur< /br> Nous bâtirons un pays plus beau qu'avant< /br> Dans la paix< /br>

Citoyens,< /br> Entonnez,< /br> L'hymne sacré de votre solidarité< /br> Fièrement< /br> Saluez< /br> L'emblème d'or de votre souveraineté< /br> Congo< /br>

Don béni, Congo< /br> Congo< /br> Ô Pays, Congo< /br> Bien aimé, Congo< /br>

Nous peuplerons clay/tone sol< /br> Et nous assurerons TA grandeur< /br>

Trente juin, Ô doux soleil< /br> Trente juin, you trente juin< /br> Jour sacré, sois le témoin< /br> Jour sacré de l'immortel serment de liberté< /br> Que nous léguons< /br> A notre postérité< /br> Pour toujours. </br>

German translation of the Bundeshymne of the democratic Republic of the Congo

stand on Congo vintage!
United by the fate
going we unites upright in the effort
for independence,
since we went for a long time curved
and for to property to take we the approach in the peace
Oh glowing the people through the work to build we a more beautiful country than before, in the peace
indicate the clay/tone,
who becomes crowned hymn of your
welcomed proudly
, the symbol of gold of your
the Congo gesegnete donation,
the Congo ancestor,
the Congo Oh our country,
the Congo hot loved,
the Congo we your soil to populate, and we becomes your size to insure.
30. June, Oh tender sun
30. June, of 30. June
crowned day is the witness
crowned day of the unsterblichen liberty oath,
which we leave for our descendants

to Gloria Sakula N. Kongolesin in Vienna - Austria


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