Sword field

sword field is the name of a noble family, - originally coming from Switzerland - since that the 13. Century as wealthy in Swabia proven is. The first documentary mention is 1281 those of the Hermann of sword field.

Their master seat was the lock sword field in (since1809) Upper office Gmünd, the 1597 for 17.500 valleys at duke Friedrich I. sold by Württemberg was. Since 1971 sword field is a quarter of Swabian Gmünd.

1625 were raised Christoph Martin from sword field into the baron conditions. His son Maximilian, baron and Pannier gentleman on high Eybach,Pfälzi secret advice, (1645-1697) died as only a natural death and left two sons: Phillipp August and Christoph Martin II. (1689-1762).

From the thirteen children of the daughter Christoph March in, the Raugräfin Marie Luise to Pfalz, they outlived only eight, five sons, who died childless, andthree daughters, from whom only the oldest, married Karoline, and descendants had. She married 1683 my hard of Schomberg, Duc de Schomberg and 2. Duke OF Leinster (1641-1719), son of the marshal Friedrich von Schomberg pleased in Ireland. The only son Charles Louis died 1713and the youngest daughter Maria married 1717 their uncle 2. Degree of Christoph Martin II., the 1716 (or already 1710) of emperor Karl IV. raised into the realm count conditions was.

Since the duke of Schomberg and Leinster did not have male inheriting, count Christoph Martin II. acquired.of sword field by the marriage name, coat of arms and this part of the possession of the house Schomberg to receive however without the herzogliche.

Since this time the family of Degenfeld Schomberg calls itself and/or. of sword field already castle.

important representatives

of Verwandtschaftsverhältnisse

  • A1 Christoph Martin of sword field (1599-1653) oo Anna Maria Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden († 1651)
    • B1 Ferdinand, (1629-1710), pfälzischer secret advice; National governor
    • B2 Marie Luise of sword field (1634-1677), the Raugräfin to the Pfalz, oo 1658 KarlI. , C2 Karoline Elizabeth
      • (1659-1696) pleases Ludwig of the Pfalz c1 Karl Ludwig to
      • Pfalz (1658-1688) oo 1683 my hard duke of Schomberg, 2 with Negroponte. Duke OF Leinster (1641-1719)
        • D1 Charles Louis von Schomberg, Marquess OF Harwich (1683-1713)
        • D2 lady Caroline of Schomberg (1686/87 1710)
        • D3 lady Frederica Susanna of Schomberg (1687/88 1751)
        • D4 lady Maria von Schomberg (1692-1762) oo 1717 Christoph Martin II. To count von Degenfeld (1689-1762), descendants see there
      • C3 Luise to Pfalz (1661-1733), Briefpartnerin of its half sister Liselotte of the Pfalz
      • C4 Ludwig (1662-1662)
      • C5 Amalie Elizabeth (1663-1709)
      • C6George Ludwig (1664-1665)
      • C7 Frederike (1665-1674)
      • C8 Friedrich William (1666-1667)
      • C9 Karl Eduard (1668-1690)
      • C10 Sofie (1669-1669)
      • C11 Karl Moritz (1671-1702)
      • C12 Karl August (1672-1691)
      • C13 Karl Kasimir (1675-1691), died in the duel in Wolfenbüttel “at excessive Trunke”
    • B3 Maximilian (1645-1697), pfälzischer officer and diplomat oo1686 Helene of CAN stone (1665-1746)
      • c1 Philipp August
      • C2 Christoph Martin II. Count von Degenfeld-Schonburg (1689-1762), Prussian general, war Minister
        • D1 Friedrich Christoph count von Degenfeld-Schonburg (1721-1781), major general, extraordinairis envoyé and Ministers plenipotentaris oo Luise Suzanne of Nassau
        • D2 August Christoph count von Degenfeld-Schonburg (1730-1814) ooFriedrike Helene Elizabeth Freiin to Riedesel
          • E1 Gustav Eugen Friedrich Christoph (1764-1807) oo II. 1795 Marianne Charlotte of Berlichingen († 1836), sister of his first Mrs.
            • F1 (2.m) Maximilian Friedrich Christoph Martin (1797-1866)
          • E4 Friedrich Christoph count von Degenfeld-Schonburg (1769-1848), Theresienritter and major general
    • B4 Gustav († 1659), Swedish Colonel
    • B5 Adolf († 1668), venezianischer Colonel
    • B6 Christoph (1641-1685), officer in venetianischen, Saxonian and pfälzischen services
    • B7 Hannibal of sword field (1648-1691), general captain of the Republic of Venice

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