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base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Bath Dürkheim
convention community: Deidesheim
surface: 26.53 km ²
inhabitants: 3.717 (August 2004)
population density: 140 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 120 m and. NN
postal zip code: 67146
preselection: 06326
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 49° 24 ' 27 " n. Break.
8° 11 ' 11 " o. L.
49° 24 ' 27 " n. Break.
8° 11 ' 11 " o. L.
Kfz characteristic: DÜW
municipality key: 07 3 32 009
of the local administration:
At the station 5
67146 Deidesheim
official Website:
E-Mail address:
mayor: Manfred Dörr (CDU)
town councillor:
(Choice to 13. June 2004
CDU 59.2% (- 1.5) - of 12 seats (=)
WGR 24.2% (+1,8) - 5 seats (=)
the Green 9.7% (+2,6) - 2 seats (+1)
SPD 5.9% (- 3.0) - 1 seat (- 1)
Lage der Gemeinde Deidesheim
situation of the municipality Deidesheim

Deidesheim is one City in the district bath Dürkheim to the Haardt and seat of the convention community Deidesheim

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Deidesheim lies in the Pfalz at the German crying race at the edge of the Mittelhaardt. The area ranks among the sun-richest areas of Germany. Beside the wine grow owing to the mild climate also lemon and Kiwisträucher as well as fig trees. The neighbour municipalities are king brook, forest at the crying race, Niederkirchen and Ruppertsberg.


699 first mention in a document of the monastery white castle, already 770 as viticulture area mentioned. 1100 came it into the possession of the prince bishops of Speyer. One assumes the origin in the today's Niederkirchen (Unterdeidesheim and/or. Niederdeidesheim) lies.From the building of locks (for the first time 1292 mentioned) a daughter settlement Oberdeidesheim, the today's Deidesheim resulted.

1360 awarding the attachment rights by bishop Gerhard von Ehrenberg. Since 1395 municipal rights, lent Wenzel by king. A fire in the year 1689 damaged the lock and large parts of Deidesheim. Of 1794 to 1814 under French rule, thereafter affiliation to Bavaria (Bavarian Rhine circle, late Pfalz). In the year 1819 the past local part Niederkirchen was separated and is since then its own municipality.

1848, after the death of Andreas's Jordan (founder of the Rheinpfälzi quality viticulture) the “Jordan division”,with the three largest and most important Weingüter of Deidesheim developed. Son Ludwig Andreas with the Weingut Jordan, late secret advice Dr. from Bassermann Jordan, Buhl (Weingut realm advice of Buhl) married the daughters Josephine and your hard (Weingut Dr. married Augusts. Your hard).

To 06. May 1865 becamethe station at the new railroad line of new city inaugurated at the Haardt ( today new city at the crying race) after bath Dürkheim. Different establishments of association in the following years: 1891 of the loan society (Raiffeisen bank), 1898 of the winegrowers' association and 1913 of the winegrowers' co-operative. After end of the First World War (1918) until 1930 under French crew.

1945, in the course of the Second World War, were strongly damaged the hospital by a bomb attack, whereby eight humans lost your life.

1968 become Deidesheim air health resort. With forest at the crying race, Niederkirchen, Ruppertsberg and Meckenheim formsDeidesheim since 1973 the convention community of the same name Deidesheim.

urban policy

from the 1840er

years on

the Deidesheimer landowner was politically very much engaged politics [work on]. Thus you coined/shaped 20 to center . Century the policy in their hometown. They placed the mayorand, however also outside many offices exercised the largest number of town councillors of Deidesheim. So always a Deidesheimer was in the Bavarian state parliament from 1831 to 1923, with only four years old interruption. During the establishment of the German Reich 1871 Ludwig Andreas's Jordan became and to beNephew Franz arm and Buhl in Reichstag selected. Buhl was three years long to 1893 of delegates, under it as a vice-president. At the Bismark social legislation it had substantial portion. These politicians were usually nationalliberally coined/shaped.

Dr. Julius filters was long 1882 joint founders of the pfälzischen central party and 25their chairman. The central party was also in the years from 1920 to 1933 always strongest political Kraft. 1946, with the first democratic local election after the Second World War, obtained the CDU over 62% of the voices. Since that time it is strongest parliamentary group and places the mayor. Butalso groups of voters, of individual persons based and after these designated, played an important role.1956 even creates four of them the jump into the town councillor. These found a storage tank later in the free group of voters.

mayors of the city Deidesheim

since 2004 Manfred Dörr(CDU)
1975 to 2004 Stefan Gillich
1972 to 1975 Erich pouring
1948 to 1972 Nobert Oberhettinger
1948 Dr. Ernst Fürst
1945 to 1948 Michael Henrich

culture and objects of interest

of buildings

Das Deidesheimer Rathaus
the Deidesheimer city hall

historical city hall

the DeidesheimerCity hall from the year 1532 (outside staircase from the year 1724) is used not only as city hall, but also as place of auction. Once in the year, at Pfingstdienstag, the tribute support of the municipality Lambrecht is auctioneered there. The historical advice hall on the inside was furnished 1912 in the Renaissance style.

former synagog

since the completion 1851/52 is the former Deidesheimer synagog a rectangular building to 2 x 3 window axles with hipped roof and cleaned exterior over high base added from sandstone right parallelepipeds. The hall on the inside is arranged by weak stuckierten Lisenen,some several times formed Gesims carry. The windows possess Rundbogen.1905 were the building in “neglected” condition that a renovation was unavoidable. The financing caused large difficulties to the municipality. Also 1926 could not apply it for the urgent outside and interior renovations the money, therethe municipality only still from 12 persons existed. This fact led 1935 to the sales of the building. The new owner used it as garage, which protected it to 10. November 1938 with the Reichspogromnacht to be destroyed. Since beginning of the 90's it is inPossession of the city Deidesheim, since 1995 took place step by step the necessary reorganization, with which the “friend circle former Deidesheimer synagog” engaged itself much. Today it is used for cultural meetings.

escape castle

northwest are the heath holes.

parish church Pc. Ulrich

as a successor of the Marienkapelle from that 12. Century, became from 1440 to 1480 the lategothical church pc. Ulrich builds. Are worth seeing the 70 meters high inclined tower, valuable wood sculptures and glass painting, as well as a large lategothical crucifix in the high altar. Beside the church findsitself an old leg house, the only Pfalz.

Deidesheim their

administration accommodates public mechanisms as seat of the convention community of the same name.

economics and infrastructure


the economy are strongly coined/shaped of the viticulture and tourism. Thus givesit in Deidesheim some well-known and for their wines famous Weingüter. The wine situations around Deidesheim, like the Deidesheimer Paradiesgarten, the Deidesheimer piece of yard and the adjacent situations of Forster piece of church and Forster Ungeheuger enjoy world-wide a good reputation. The wine places Riesling is the usually cultivated vine. Beside that hotel Deidesheimer yard, there are five stars some further hotels, pensions and restaurants. The most well-known restaurants of Deidesheim are the “hotel to the can” from that 12. Century and the “black cock” in the Deidesheimer yard.

In the last years some private hospitals developedthe cosmetic surgery of the Deidesheimer of physician Dr. Arm and Herberger. A further private hospital of the RHM home for the elderly and group of hospitals, whose seat likewise is in Deidesheim, shows the growth of this industry lately. Also in Deidesheim kandierte fruits of the manufacturer Biffar are manufactured, those among lovers estimatedare. Industrielle plants gives it practically none. Exception formed the basalt work at the shrub way in the last century. Here was shipped the basalt stone diminished in the Forster pitch stone head on the course. Transport between the pitch stone head and the basalt plant was made from 1910 until 1970 by one Wire rope course, which fell in the eye.

By rationalization with the cultivation of the wine, the tourism became the largest employer in the last decades. Although many drive to their jobs into the close convenient Rhine Neckar metropolis, the number of jobs exceeds locally, those that in recent timeAuspendler. With 143.000 overnight accomodation in the year 1992 a past high point was measured. Up-to-date are available over 800 beds. The Weingüter profit like other industries from the tourism and offer by their romantic surrounding field to the guest the reason to come. Thus a successful symbiosis results.



of the Deidesheimer wine landowner Ludwig Andreas's Jordan was with others one floats Kraft with the realization of the railroad line (Pfälzi north course) between new city and bath Dürkheim. As the connection (later after Frankenthal, Worms) in the year 1865 in enterprise went, spoke the director of the plälzischen courses (Albert von Jäger) of a puzzling routing was extended. That was because of the fact that when planning always valuable area (vineyards) was taken consideration.

The goods traffic took an important position in the DeidesheimerStation. Like that 1890 Deidesheim were the largest receiver for fertilizer (stable fertilizer) in the Pfalz. Also coal was delivered in large quantities. At the same time wine and basalt were dispatched from here.

Starting from 1890 a local railway drove the 1911 from Ludwigshafen to THEN city , to Meckenheimone extended. A further extension to the Deidesheimer station would have been meaningful. Since in this time the cultivation of wine was however in a crisis, the wine landowners sträubten themselves against such plans. They had simply fear around the drift of their workers into the industry to Ludwigshafen.Also later efforts, the last around 1938 among mayors Friedrich Eckel Sellmayr did not lead no more to success.

The goods traffic by course continued to decrease in the years by always 1980 and was finally adjusted. A positive development could book in the last years however the passenger traffic.By the introduction of the Rhineland-Palatinate clock and the binding to the rapid-transit railway Rhine Neckar to new city the course is an alternative to the individual traffic.


Deidesheim becomes in north south direction of the B271, which pulled German crying race through. The high traffic increase in the latterFor decades and their process by the places and cities to the Haardt, made a new building inevitably. With in the year 2000 the opened B271neu, which Deidesheim at the eastern outskirts of a town touches, therefore the transit traffic reduced substantially. Further it offers a fast connection to A 65 (Ludwigshafen on the Rhine - Karlsruhe) and in opposite direction after bath Dürkheim.

resident enterprise

Weingut secret advice Dr. from Bassermann Jordan

Andreas's Jordan (1775-1848) created the quality viticulture and put so the foundation-stone for the today's Weingut.With its quality wines it had large economic success. After its death the Weingut was three-divided. A number of outstanding personalities at the point followed it. Mentioned here Ludwig Andreas's Jordan (1811-1883) is, Dr. Ludwig Bassermann Jordan (1869-1914) and Dr. Friedrich of Bassermann Jordan (1872-1959). In the year 2002 the Neustadter entrepreneur Achim Niederberger took over the Weingut. The enterprise manages best wine situations on a surface of 42 hectares. The wines geniesen an internationally good reputation.

Weingut realm advice of Buhl

1849 created Franz Peter Buhl (1809-1862) from the inheritance of AndreasJordan the Weingut. His name was however wine connoisseurs already before a term, since it led its Weingut after the death of Peter Heinrich Jordan as an inheritance. Under the line of its son Franz arm and Buhl (1837-1896) the Weingut had large success. The wines of Buhl belongedto the most expensive world. From its marriage with the wealthy winegrower daughter Juliane Schellhorn Wallbillich from forest followed their son Franz Eberhard Buhl (1867-1921). This combined the possessions 1909 to one of the largest Weingüter of Germany. Its marriage with Frieda Piper remained childless, why the possessionafter their death one bequeathed to the political friend George Enoch by and to Guttenberg. After economic difficulties the enterprise, enclosure however still 52 hectares of viticulture surface was substantially made smaller. 1989 were leased the Weingut to Japanese wine merchants. In the year 2005 Achim Niederberger transferred the steeped in traditionHouse.

Deidesheimer yard

Deidesheimer Hof
Deidesheimer yard

the hotel “Deidesheimer yard” with its haute cuisine restaurant “black cock” (at that time under the point cook Manfred black) was often used by the former Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl for regaling by state guests. Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbatschow, Boris Yel'tsin and other oneate here sow stomach and announced this. 1971 acquired the family cock, owner of the Weinguts at that time cock yard, the building. For these days the hotel in different sections was extended by the Tiemann `sche messuages and the Dienheimer lock. The Deidesheimer yard is since 2001 second five stars the hotel in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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