Dejan Stanković

Dejan Stanković (* 11. September 1978 in Belgrade, Serbia) is a professional football player. Its career as a professional began at the Serbian soccer club red star Belgrade in the year 1994. Until 1998 it played there with large success, until the Italian club became attentive Lazio Rome on it. Dejan after the first contract, until 2001 applied still another further contract offered to at the end of 2004. During the season in the year 2004 it left Lazio Rome and changed to inter Milan. In January 2004 he signed with inter for only 5 months. Due to his outstanding achievements the citizens of Milan kept the Serb for further 4 years to at the end of of 2008. Its career as Serbian national players began apart from some more unimportant friendship games in the year 1998 with the world championship in France. With the European championship in the year 2000 in Holland/Belgium he separated with his crew early. It continued to go with the EM-qualification in the year 2002/2003, which did not create the Serbs. Stanković is at present still an important master player of the Serbian national team, and also for the world championship in Germany 2006 qualified itself.

Its market value amounts to 22.000.000 million (source:


Association country of to
Partizan Belgrade Serbia and Montenegro 1994-1995 1997-1998
Lazio Rome Italien Italy 1998-1999 2003-2004
inter Milan Italien Italy 2004-2005 2007-2008


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