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Karte der USA, Delaware hervorgehoben

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base data
pointed name: First State of
(roofridge State)
capital: Dover
largest city: Wilmington
rank (within the USA): 49
altogether: 6,452 km ²
country: 5,068 km ²
water (%): 1,387 km ² (21.5%)
rank (within the USA): 45
altogether (2004): 830.364
density: 129 E./km ²
member state
place: 1
since: 7. December 1787
time belt: Eastern: UTC 5-4
degree of latitude: 38°27'N to 49°50'N
degree of longitude: 75°2'W to 75°47'W
broad: 48 km
length: 161 km
highest situation: 137 m
average situation: 18 m
deepest situation: 0 m
governor: Ruth Ann Minner
postal: DE
ISO 3166-2: US-DE

Delaware is a Federal State at thatEast coast of the United States. Delaware is called the “first state”, because first of the 13 colonies ratified the condition of the United States here. The date of the ratification is the 7. December 1787.

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map Delawares
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Dutch commercial post/new Sweden (1609-1664)

already the Spaniards and Portuguese arrived in the sechzehnten century at the coasts of the today's Delaware. In addition, later discoverers reached - how for example 1609 Henry Hudson, which drove the coasts without there up to the Delaware River -to accrete as can be prove.

The first European settlers came in form of a commercial company under guidance of the captain David Pietersen de Vries however only 1631 and established a Netherlands commercial post as “Zwaanendael” (or “Swaanendael”, the today's Lewes). 1632 returned captain de Vries and had to state that inthe meantime all settlers killed by Indians and the settlement down-burned was.

In March 1638 a Swedish expedition reached, consisting of the ships Kalmar Nyckel (key of Kalmar) and bird Grip (bird seize), under guidance of the captain Peter Minuit the coast of the today's Delaware.The settlers, around the 29. , Established the away Christian IANA landed March (designated after the Swedish queen at that time). Away Christian IANA, the today's Wilmington, became not only the first durable settlement Delawares to separate completely North America.

The most important Swedish governor was probably Colonel Johan Printz,that the colony from 1643 to 1653 governed. Its successor conquered short after his arrival in the year 1654 the Netherlands trading base away Casimir, which had been established 1651 in the place of the today's city new Castle.

As the Swedish colony for the dutchmen to the commercial competitorbecame, Petrus Stuyvesant ( governor at that time of the colony Nieuw Nederland) decided to drive Sweden out and to establish the colony new Amstel. 1655 it reached the coast with its fleet. It defeated the Swedish forces and subordinated the whole area of its command authority.

The destroyed built SwedenAway Casimir. The away became fast a central settlement and could take up already soon no more all humans. Thereupon the city became new Amstel, which establishes today's new Castle.

1664 the Englishmen the colony

conquered and added English colony (1664-1776)it its own colony New York in addition.

The name “Delaware” comes of the title to the second governor of the colony of Virginia, Sir Thomas west, lord De La Warr and the river Delaware River designated after it.

1681 assigned king Charles II. the province Pennsylvania at William Penn. There soon thereafter the arriving agents Penns reported to this that the province would not have an entrance to the coast more, it to hostilenesses with the colonies would come, which were because of both sides of the Delaware River and the Bay. Penn was enough thereupon withKing house a request to convey to it also that country on the west side of the Delaware River and the Bay which lay underneath its province. This please became in March 1682 by James, the duke of York (and later James II.) accordingly. Penn received thatCountry of the today's Counties new Castle, pc. Jones and Deale.

After its arrival in America, to 27. October 1682 in new Castle, took place the delivery of the awarded country at Penn via agents of the duke from York. On this occasion the Kolonisten carried out for thisLändereien also a loyalty oath on Penn.

1683 was attached the three “lower districts” according to Penns famous “Frame OF Covernment” to Pennsylvania. Pc. became simultaneous. Jones in Kent and Deale in Sussex renamed.

1704 got the “three smaller districts” their own parliament, and 1710 a their ownBoard of directors.

the Mason Dixon line, Charles Mason

and Jeremiah Dixon create US Federal State (since 1776) between 1763 and 1767 , in order to specify the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland, represent today the border between Delaware and Maryland by the Englishmen. Many that formerly 80Boundary stones from limestone are still received.

1776, two months after signing of the declaration of independence, united the three Counties, to the State of Delaware and separated completely from Pennsylvania. Delaware said itself as one of 13 colonies of the British ruling powers loose and closedthe American movement of independence on.

The military conflicts during the colonial age had brought well organized and led militias out and already took part those at the beginning of the war of independence 3,000 Freiwillige counting troops Delawares in a large number of the well-known battles, whereby only the battle of Cooch's Bridge, to 3. September 1777 in close proximity to Newark took place, on the soil by Delaware was delivered.

1777 became Dover in place of new Castle capital of Delaware.

To 7. December 1792 originally ratified Delaware during a ceremony in Dover as first that13 Federal States the new American condition. For this reason Delaware calls itself today still “roofridge State” The.

The oldest black church of the USA was created in Delaware by the former slaves Peter Spencer 1813 than “union Church OF Africans “. During the war of secession remainedDelaware as slave owner state in the United States (the tuning Delawares at the 3. January 1861 did not achieve the necessary majority). Eight months after the end of the civil war Delaware refused to 18. February 1865 the agreement to 13. Appendix of condition (“Amendment”). Only to 12. February 1901 tuned Delawareby ratification the appendix of condition too.

condition and administration

Delawares fourth and valid condition 1897 were accepted at present and plan legislation, executive and judikative bodies. The legislation consists of a house of representatives with 41 members and a senate with 21 members. Head thatExecutive is the governor von Delaware and for the Judikative is intended a hierarchy by courts with the maximum court of the state at the point.

Delaware consists of three Counties: Kent, new Castle and Sussex.


the majority of the surface Delawares lies on the Atlantic coastal plate. The state borders in the north on Pennsylvania. The river Delaware as well as the Atlantic ocean form the east border to new jersey; in the west and the south the State of Maryland lies.The largest city is Wilmington, while the capital is Dover. One of the largest US Air Force bases lies in close proximity to Dover.


population numbers of Delaware
population 2003 (estimated) 817,491
population 2000 783,600
persons under 18 years 2000 24.8%
persons over 64 years 2000 13%
Weibl. Portion of the population 2000 51.4%

72.5% of the population in Delaware are white ones (among other things also 16,000 Spaniards), 19.2% black and Afro American, 4.8% Hispanics, 2.1% Asian, 0.3% Indian.

There are 298,736 households with on the average 2.54 household members. The average income per household amounted 1999on 47.381 USD. 56% all inhabitant Delawares at the age over five years had not moved between 1995 and 2000.

82.6% all citizen of Delaware at the age over 25 years have a Highschool conclusion.

Lenni Lenape (Indian)

the Lenni Lenape are Indians - a minority,on German also the Delawaren to be called. They were very influential during the time of origin of the United States.

largest cities

City County inhabitant
1. July 2004
Wilmington new Castle 72,784
Dover Kent 33,618
Newark new Castle 29,821
Middletown new Castle 7,619
Milford Sussex 7,088
Seaford Sussex 6,939
Smyrna Kent 6,808
Elsmere new Castle 5,722


the gross national product amounted to 1999 34 billion USD (42. Place under the US states). The Pro-Kopf-Einkommen amounted to in the year 2002 29,512 USD.

At agricultural products producesDelaware above all poultry, soy beans, dairy products, corn, potatoes, mushrooms, peas, barley, cucumbers and wheat.

The most important agricultural exports 2001 (estimated)
product category commercial value
in millions USD
place 1)
poultry and poultry product of 69.4 8
vegetables and preparing 24,4 )
A fish industry, which predominantly
founds on cancers and shells
, gives 20 soy beans and
products 22.7 23

Futtergetreide and products 15.5 31 wheat

and products 3.9 37 sum 139.2 39 1 to rank list place related to the USA an important chemical industry, as well as food - and Paper processing enterprises.

Canada is for Delaware the most important export market.

Due to the Delaware effect Delaware is well-known as seat of approx. 620,000 mail box firms, under it numerous large companies. Delaware is considered as tax haven: Beside extremely low taxes it is possible, similar as in Liechtensteinto create, anonymous enterprises. For establishment of an enterprise also no capital stock is necessary and it is enough an executive committee from a person. Further advantages for enterprises are that board meetings do not have to take place in Delaware and that there is no compulsion of disclosure.


Delaware has all year rounda moderate climate with average temperatures within the range of 0 to 24 °C and statistically 208 sun days. In Delaware the seasons are defined clearly from each other, however the climate is affected by the Atlantic and is all year round moderate to damp. In the summer it can up to 32°Cbecome warm; a recreating Brise at the coast brings then do good-ends cooling. Sometimes in the winter snow falls - the temperatures can drop up to -5°C.

further information

state bird: Blue hen
state flower: Pfirsichblüte
state tree: American Stechpalme
pointed name:The first State of, dia. moon State, BlueWonder

of sons and daughters of the Federal State

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