Delron Buckley

Delron Buckley (* 7. December 1977 in Durban, South Africa) is a South African football player.

The South African and national player of the South African national team do not fall any longer under the foreigner contingent.

Buckley began with the Butcherfille Rover Durban with the soccer game. With 17 years it changed to the VfL Bochum, which it left 2004, in order to change to Arminia Bielefeld. Already after one year it changed at the 1. July 2005 to Borussia Dortmund, where it could become not fair the requirements so far and now due to an acute storm emergency of the Borussen against the Salvatore Gambino already superseded for a master place fights.

For the South African national soccer team Buckley played so far (conditions: 1. July 2004) 50 times. For the crew, in whose homeland the soccer world championship takes place 2010, Buckley was active at the WM 1998, at the WM 2002 and with the Africa Cup 2004 in Tunesien.

The Stürmer is considered as exzellenter technicians and Vorbereiter. Delron Buckley is married with Raphaela and has a daughter named Charlize.

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