Delta air LINEs

Delta air LINEs
establishment: 1928
IATA - Code: DL
I.C.A.O. - Code: DAL
call signal: Delta
seat: Atlanta, the USA
firm structure:
Alliance: Skyteam
fleet strength: 832
goals: National and international goals

delta air LINEs (short delta) is a large US-American airline.

It was created 1928. Delta is member of Skyteam and has a fleet of over 800 airplanes in use, with which delta accomplishes daily over 2.000 flights. Today delta, counted the second largest airline of the world after passenger numbers, is.

Momentarily it has a close network of connections inland and internationally after Montréal, on the Bahamas, Bermuda, after San Juan, Tokyo, Paris, Rome, Milan, London, Berlin, Stuttgart, Duesseldorf international and Frankfurt/Main. Delta co-operates with the following airlines : Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Air France - KLM, Alitalia, CSA Czech airlines, Aeromexico and Korean air under the alliance Skyteam.

In the autumn 2004 delta could turn a threatening insolvency away only by a hard scheme of reconstruction, which planned up to the year 2006 savings at a value of six billion US Dollar. By the high fuel prices the plan is however according to press reports pure rubbish. In the summer 2005 the subsidiary Atlantic Southeast airlines (ASP) had to be sold to the regional airline SkyWest for 425 million US Dollar in view of far rising fuel prices and other costs; with the incomes debts are to be paid off by 100 million dollar.

In the second quarter 2005 delta could reduce the losses to 388 million US Dollar, after nearly two billion US Dollar in the previous year. More the enterprise diminished than 20,000 places from 2001 to 2004. In the spring the management placed again 7000 jobs to the arrangement. To 14. September 2005 requested delta insolvency after Chapter 11, which is possible with current enterprise after US right. Altogether the enterprise accumulated according to own data a debt mountain of 20 billion dollar (nearly 25 billion CHF).

Logo: blue with whiter „delta “- label, white, red triangle


delta air LINEs uses the following types of aircraft (some fly for delta partner airlines):

Boeing 767-332 von Delta Air Lines
Boeing 767 -332 of delta air LINEs

base data

of carried passengers

  • 84.1 millions (2003)
  • 87 millions (2004)

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