Demis Roussos

Demis Roussos, civil: Artemios Ventouris Roussos (* 15. June 1946 in Alexandria/Egypt) is an internationally well-known Greek singer, who had large successes in the 70's also with German-language songs.


Roussos comes of to a Greek family, which since the 20's - years in Egypt lived. Therefore it was born also there and spent its childhood in Alexandria. Due to the Sueskrise the family returned 1958 to Greece. Demis enjoyed musical training in Athens, then it was member in different groups (The Idols, incoming goods Five). 1968 it created the group of Aphrodite's Child , which was successful in Germany with their “Greek sound” first in France, then also with Vangelis. Beginning of the 70's-years made also solo photographs for Roussos. So it could book 1973 with the song Good bye my love, good a bye number unity hit in Germany. The song is considered today as Evergreen of the German hit and also of other artists again was later taken up.

After this success Roussos took up further German-language titles, which made him a star of the 1970er, whereby his characteristic voice, in addition, his outside feature did not contribute insignificantly to it. By its photographs in up to 7 other languages it became also internationally admits. Its single Forever and more ever could appear 1976 in the Charts of different countries.

In the 80's-years it arose only under its first name “Demis”. It published also further records, whereby it changed its music style. Its current title is a mixture from folklore and electronic music. In the spring 2002 it made a successful tour in England.

success title

  • Good bye my love, good bye 1973
  • beautiful girl from Arcadia 1973
  • beautiful such as Mona Lisa 1975
  • vagabond of the love 1975
  • come into the garden of the thousand melodies 1976
  • Forever and of more ever 1976
  • children of the whole earth 1979
  • My friend the wind 1987
  • incoming goods sound thanks 1987


albums (selection):

  • Happy ton on at Iceland into the sun 1976
  • Time 1988
  • Adagio 2000
  • on my ways 2000
  • on re+long
  • Christmas with Demis Roussos 2003


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