Denis Wassiljewitsch Dawydow

Denis Wassiljewitsch Dawydow (Russian ДенисВасильевичДавыдов, * 16. /27. July 1784 in Moscow; † 22. April 4. May 1839) was a Russian war writer and poet.

It occurred 1801 the Gardekavallerieregiment, participated in the Russian campaigns in Germany, at which Danube led and in Sweden, 1812 a corps of party men, 1814 a Hussar regiment under Blücher and 1815 became the major general carried.

1825 - 27 it was active in Persia, and it fought to 1831 in Poland before Warsaw and in the battle with Lisbik so rühmlich that it was appointed the lieutenant general. It died in May 1839 on its property with Moscow.

Dawydow sealed - mostly in the bivouac - satires, Elegien, Dithyramben and Episteln, particularly however soldier songs, which found far spreading. As the best its military writings one regards „the memories of the battle with Prussian Eylau “and „the attempt of a theory of the party man war “(1821). Its Smirdin (pc. gave collected works with biography. Petersburg 1848) out; its „memoirs “appeared 1872 in a magazine.

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