Deniz Çelik

Deniz Çelik alias Bendeniz (* 25. July 1973 in Switzerland) is a well-known Turkish Popmusikerin.

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to youth

after Deniz in Turkey the High School Erenköy Kız Lisesi had locked returned it to Switzerland and visited two years the university. For some time it played in the first Turkish woman football Mrs. Dostlukspor. During this time Deniz wrote at some compositions and played with the thoughts its songs to publish.


coincidental met Deniz a representative of the disk company Raks Müzik Yapım and produced it together its first album Bendeniz and published it in the year 1993. Also owing to the extravaganten tie-clip to the Song Ya Sen Ya Hiç became this album with nearly one million sold copies a large success. For the sound TRACK of the socialcritical German film Kanak Attack of Feridun Zaimoğlu (2000) their piece of Sana Mı Kaldım from the album Bendeniz Şarkıları was uncoupled.

Deniz is one the Turkish Popstars of the beginning of the 90's, which could itself state until today.

to Diskografie

  • Bendeniz I, 1993
  • Bendeniz II, 1995
  • Bendeniz III, 1996
  • Bendeniz'den, 1998
  • Kurtulamiyorum, 1999
  • Bendeniz Şarkıları, 2000
  • Zaman, 2001
  • Demedim mi, 2003
  • Aşk Yok Mu Aşk, 2005

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