The old person

the term from the sea-going vessel travel is to be found under the old person (sea-going vessel travel ).

The old person is a German-language television crime film series in the Second Channel of German Television, SF DRS and ORF, to 11. April 1977 with the consequence the official travel began.

In the first 100 consequences Erwin Köster ( easily of Siegfried Lowitz) led the Mordkommission in the resident of Munich police headquarters. It was supported by its assistants, the young Gerd Heymann (easily of Michael Ande) and the older Martin burner (easily of January Hendriks). Köster was killed in its last consequence (two lives) by a belly shot.

To 21. March 1986 began his successor main commissioner Leo Kress (easily of Rolf insult) its service and brought also equal reinforcement with: Henry Johnson (easily of Charles M. Huber), which was replaced later by Axel judge (easily of Pierre Sanoussi Bliss). For the trace safety device Werner Riedmann ( easily of Markus Böttcher) is responsible.

So far far over 300 consequences of the TV serial were radiated.

The title music to the Köster - Peter Thomas wrote consequences; the title music of the Kress - consequences comes from Eberhard beautiful.

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