The godfather

the godfather is mafia - a novel of Mario Puzo from the year 1969. The history of the Mafia family Corleone originating from Italy is located in the center of the action.

Puzo published the book „The Godfather “at the beginning of of 1969, thereupon ita world-wide best-seller became, until today became more than 20 million copies sold. Still around a multiple more popular author and novel became however by the filming of the same name of 1972.

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America at the beginning 20. Century: The Sicilian boy Vito Andolini, whose parents are murdered by the there mafia, comes to New York and rises there under the name of its homeland village Corleone tomost powerful Mafia godfathers up. When it rejects it to take part in the rising drug trade a bloody Mafia war between the different families breaks out. At the beginning its oldest son Sonny takes the responsibility over the family business. When this is however shot, hands overCorleone the responsibility its youngest son Michael. This succeeds in to strike back its enemies and developing the power of the family clan still further.


Francis Ford Coppola (direction) and Mario Puzo (film script) worked together onthe filming the godfather from the year 1972 and for it much artistic acknowledgment and also commercial success harvested. The film applies in many circles as „the best film of all times “.

The godfather - part of 2 and the godfather - part of 3continue to tell the history of the family Corleone cinematic.

video game

to 23. March 2006 appeared the video game the godfather for the PC, the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. This Actionspiel is based on the filmings of Francis FordCoppola and orients itself at plays such as Grand Theft car or mafia: The town center OF draws to Heaven. The developers have the actors (and. A. Marlon Brando) with the Motion Capture - procedure into the play integrates. However that can A main character in the play to be at will changed. The Actionspiel was criticized because of some deviations from the film, graphic problems and technical errors of several specialized magazines (z. B. PC Games 05/06). A Xbox 360 version is in work.


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