The wax bouquet (film)

film data
of German titles: The wax bouquet
original title: Murder RK the Gallop
production country: England
feature year: 1963
length (PAL - DVD): approx. 78 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 12
direction: George pole LOCK
film script: Agatha Christie (motives for novel), James P. Cavanagh
production: Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) (UK), George H. Brown
music: Ron Goodwin
camera: Arthur Ibbetson
cut: Bert Rule

The wax bouquet is based an English Kriminalfilm from the year 1963, the loose on the detective story of the same name of Agatha Christie.

The detective story developed 1953 under the title after the Funeral and ten years later than Murder RK the Gallop was filmed. The crime film-alga-laminated was published under different titles - in the USA the work appeared as Funerals acres fatal, and in Great Britain history was published as Murder RK the Gallop. Contrary to the first measure Marple - filming 16 o'clock 50 starting from PAD thing clay/tone is actually the collecting main a Hercule Poirot - case, which was adapted accordingly for the film.


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action the film of it, as measure Marple, during it together with the librarian Mr. Stringer (stringer Davis) money for a good purpose collects, on the corpse of the rich Mr. Enderby pushes. Curiously become it listens secretly during the opening of the will, which ends in an eclat. The present ones, which seem to obviously feel more money greed than mourning, argue about the picture collection of the deceased. Although from supervisor Craddock when listening and from this does not admonish themselves not again into the police work to interfere, thinks the old lady gets so her own. Since the inheriting community on an nearby property yard with attached riding stable is met, that one that inheriting belonged, decides measures Marple some days at one riding vacation to spend and so completely besides the murder case to solve.

The wax bouquet is the second of altogether four measure Marple filmings with Margaret Rutherford in the main role. Due to the charm and still amusing joke all four works apply as cult films, which are very often to be pursued on the television. The German title is misleading, since it was taken over by the novel collecting main. Herein a wax bouquet Hercule Poirot supplies the crucial reference to the solution of the case, in the filming seems however at all none.


the premiere of the film took place during the garden party of a church in the rural Cheshire . The German synchronous voice of Inspector Craddock is spoken in this film of Harald Juhnke.


the film music to the measure Marple films comes from Ron Goodwin. The title melody appeared on different LPs and CDs. A Suite from the films is on that CD “The measures Marple of film”, label X LXE 706 available.



  • George Seesslen: George pole LOCK and the British measure Marple films in ders.: Murder in the cinema. History and mythology of the detective film. Rowohlt, Reinbek with Hamburg 1981, ISBN 3-499-17396-4

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